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Seraphim Archive

The Seraphim Archive is a central hub for the Lore of Destiny. The Archive is designed to be a great step, if not the first, into the Lore of Destiny. The lore of Destiny is expansive and complex. It is spread out of hundreds of grimoire cards, missions, cut scenes, dialogue, and item text. This site cannot present all of the Lore of Destiny but it is built in hopes of giving you as much information as possible in one place. 

With all forms of knowledge it is never complete. The questions will never cease and there will always be more answers to find. The Lore of Destiny is the same. With new information or changes in the story nothing should be taken as gospel truth. Everyone who tells the lore has their own interpretation and ideas. Keep your mind open and eyes up ,Guardian. 
 Many Guardians have dedicated time and effort into creating content that tells the story of Destiny and its Lore. These are broken up into podcasts, websites, discussion boards, YouTube videos and streamers. From the Scholars and Sources page you can find links to the sources of that content created around Destiny Lore.
Read about everything that happened before you Guardian was chosen to rise.
Read the full story of your Guardian as you defend humanity. 
Learn more about the allies, enemies and locations in Destiny.
Learn more about the Legends and Heroes of Destiny.

The Gaurdian21

I am the Gaurdian21. I am an Lore enthusist and the developer of the Seraphim Archive. I am a member on Twitter and Reddit where I run under the names Gaurdian21 and TheDrock21. 

I created this site after finishing my personal edition of a Grimoire Novel and after creating Lore posts on Reddit. I began to see the desire for the story of Destiny but like others I was unable to find anything that pieces it together in one place. That is why I built the Archive. I hope this will be the place where both new and old players can come to learn about the lore of Destiny without worries of jumping across sites and trying to piece it together themselves.

Special Mentions

This site is run by myself and there amazing Guardians in the community who help support it. 
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