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"When the Traveler came, it changed everything."


In the near future, a being of great power arrived in our solar system. This being was called the Traveler and it carried pure light with it. When it arrived in our system it terraformed the planets and moons, bringing life to dead places. Rain came down on Mars and jungles sprouted on Venus. Humanity sent a team to meet the Traveler on Mars, hoping to speak with it. 

That team was succesful, creating an alliance between humanity and the Traveler. With the aid of the Traveler humanity blossomed into a Golden Age. Cities were built on other planets, technology leaped ahead. Clovis Bray research facilities learned how to place the mind of humans into robotic bodies. Great AI minds were constructed to defend and aid humanity. Everything had changed.

Something had followed the Traveler, a great presence of Darkness. This Darkness shattered humanity and attempted to destroy the light. The Traveler was able to push it back and defend some small part of humanity but in doing so it fell silent. Enemies invaded the system and humanity stumbled back together beneath the still Traveler. There was hope though, the Traveler had released servents of its own, Ghosts, to find those who could wield the light and forge them with it. Slowly those who carried the light gathered beneath the Traveler and helped defend the remains of humanity there. As the city grew it faced trials, but it survived each challenge and came out as a unified force. 

Those who carried the light were called Guardians, they protected humanity and pushed the darkness back. More trials were to come though, but the Guardians would stand strong against them. You were risen from the grave with the light and you marched into the darkness to defend humanity.
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