Collection of Destiny Lore and Sources

Details of Destiny

The Details of Destiny goes deeper into the lore that isn't explained to the needed detail. This section will cover details like Tower allies, enemies and locations


The Last City: Earth

After the Collapse the Traveler came to rest above the surface of the Earth, there humanity gathered beneath it. The hope was that the Traveler would offer protection and stability but it hung silently in the air. Humanity struggled against itself and alien races as it huddled beneath the Traveler. Over time humanity unified and strengthened, building the Last City on Earth. Here the Guardians gathered to protect humanity and venture out into the solar system in efforts to reclaim what had been lost. Great walls were built to protect the City and towers were installed to watch over it. 

One tower, the Tower, is the home of the Guardians. There they gather together, recieve orders, restock, rest and prepare for their next battle.

Old Russia, Earth

During the Golden Age humanity spread into the solar system, building colonies across the planets. The Russian Cosmodrome was a facility built to launch humanity there. Numerous launch platforms were built around the area and were all encompassed by one large wall. The Russian Cosmodrome also offered stations that would connect to other colonies on the system. 

During the Collapse humanity rushed to the Cosmodrome in hopes of escaping the darkness. Some ships made it off while others failed. Thousands were left on the surface to fade into the dark. 

After humanity was pushed to near extinction the Eliksni set up in the Cosmodrome. The House of Kings and the House of Devils took control of the area and provided another threat to humanity. When the House of Devils found SIVA they tore apart the Cosmodrome and began to build it back up with their own structures and technology. 

Ocean of Storms, Moon

At an unknown time after the Collapse a new force came to call the Moon home, the Hive. Lead by Crota, the hive built thousands of miles of tunnels and structures underneath the surface of the Moon. Eventually the Hive ventured to Earth to wage war on humanity. The Guardians of the City barely won their battles against the Hive and were dealt a great blow when they launched a full scale assault on the Moon. After Crota murdered thousands of Guardians he retreated to his throne world, an isolated world connected to ours through the Moon. The Hive fell silent until the Guardians push back to the Moon. The Eliksni House of Exiles began to spread through the Ocean of Storms while the Hive waited.

Ishtar Sink, Venus

The Ishtar Sink was home to the great Ishar Academy, Archive and Collective. When the Traveler arrived in our solar system it changed Venus and in that change it somehow brought massive Vex structures. The Ishtar Collective sent crews out to Venus to study those structures. Over time the Academy was built there, with a city around it. Within the Academy was the Archive, one of the largest collections of knowledge in the solar system. After the Collapse the Vex and Eliksni began to spread through the Academy and the area around it. 

Meridian Bay, Mars

Meridian Bay is the Home of the great city of Freehold. The city housed facilities for Clovis Bray, a massive scientific research and development corporation. They produced amazing works of technology, though sometimes abandoning their own humanity to do it. Freehold was the city of art and creativity, invting creators of all kind to its streets. 

After the Collapse the Cabal forces took Mars and set up fortresses right outside Freehold. The ventured into the city in hopes of finding something they could use. Within Meridian Bay is also a connection to the Black Garden, a Vex ritual site. A Vex gate led from the Valley of Kings to the Black Garden until the Gardens Heart was destroyed, tethering it directly to Mars. It could then be accessed through subway tunnels beneath Freehold. 

Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn

From the Dead body of the Worm God Akka, Oryx created his Dreadnaught. He infused his own throne world into it and used the Dreadnaught as his personal war ship. He waged war across the universe with it, using its power to destroy anything in his way. 

When he arrived in our solar system, he used that power to destroy the Awoken Fleet that attacked it out near Saturn. Inside it held prison cells and shrines. Guardians were able to sneak aboard and disable to ship. Now it is a tomb and a battle ground for Guardians to practice on. 

The Reef, Asteroid Belt

When humanity fled Earth during the Collapse it was stopped in the Asteroid Belt. The Darkness had attacked the system but the Traveler was able to push it back to the belt. There those who fled were changed by the mix of light and darkness. They became the Awoken and they survived by combining aseroids with ship remains. Over time they grouped together and built a system in the belt known as the Reef. The Reef became a unified force and was well hidden from the solar system.

The Reef is ruled by Queen Mara Sov and Petra Venj is the absence of Mara. There was a point where the Awoken controlled the Eliksni House of Wolves. They rebelled against the Reef and left to gather more forces. Since then only one Eliskni has remained there, Variks of the House of Judgement. 


Mercury was said to be a garden planet at some point, that was before the Vex turned it into one massive machines. Parts of human structures still exist, like the Icarus solar plant, but most of it is Vex now. The Cabal have sent crews to investigate Mercury but it appears they have died while there. Other groups have found a home among the stone pillars. The Sunbreakers, an ancient group of Titans, set up on Mercury after they left the City. The Other group is Osiris and his diciples. Osiris was a Warlock Vanguard who became obsessed with the Vex. He ventured to Mercury to study them more and set up multiple camps, one being the Lighthouse. 

Tower Allies 

The Traveler

The Traveler is a being of Light and Sky. The Origins of the Traveler is still unknown but it's first known location was on the Moons of Fundament. Fundament is a gas giant that contained floating continents and followers of the Darkness and the Deep. Among the species on Fundament was the Hive. The Hive gained power from the Deep and chased the Traveler away from Fundament. As the Traveler fled the Hive across the universe it helped develop and protect various species. All the species we know the Traveler has helped as also been attacked by the Darkness and the Traveler will always forced to flee. 

The Traveler came to the Eliksni home world and helped them develop their own Golden Age of technology. The Darkness still followed however. When it came it caused a collapse of the Eliksni home world and the Traveler was forced to flee. The Traveler arrived in our solar system and helped humanity reach it's own Golden Age. It transformed the planets to bear life and pushed humanity to colonies the solar system. The Darkness still followed and with it came the Eliksni this time. Most of humanity was destroyed and very few survived. The Traveler pushed back the Darkness but grew silent after. Humanity was broken and looked to the silent Traveler for hope. The Traveler then shed some of its light and created Ghosts, small AI that contained the Light and could use it to resurrect and power corpses. The Traveler remained silent however.​​​

The Speaker

The Speaker stands at the Tower, his watch over the Guardians and the City started before the walls of the City were built . He has a mysterious connection to the Traveler and helps lead the City as part of the Consensus, the City's governing body. The Speaker guides new Guardians, helps heal the Traveler and raise it from it's sleep. Until the Traveler wakes, the Speaker will help guide the City with what he believes or knows to be the wishes of the Traveler. He watches over the actions of the Guardians and helps keep the Guardians in line. In times of corruption the Speaker will exile those who do not follow the code of the City, like Osiris and the Concordat. 

Zavala: Titan Vanguard

Commander Zavala began as the protege of Lord Saladin. He and Shaxx were both instructed by Saladin. Zavala is a fierce titan who holds the beliefs and code of the Titan Orders close. He was raised to rank of Titan Vanguard and joined the Consensus. Zavala is a strong willed Titan who will not back down and will stand to defend the Last City with everything he can. He came to the City before it had become a true City. He helped defend the Last City from the first attacks and helped Build the Wall that protects the City.

Cayde-6: Hunter Vanguard

Cayde-6 is an adventure driven Exo who longs to be out in the wild. His mentor and Hunter Vanguard before him, Andal Brask, worked closely with Cayde-6. Andal made a Vanguard Dare with Cayde, which Cayde lost, leading to Cayde becoming the new Hunter Vanguard. Cayde-6 is rebellious and often disobeys or goes behind the backs of the other Vanguard Mentors. 

Cayde-6 was originally Human and was alive during the Golden Age. He was blackmailed into working for Clovis Bray as security during the Golden Age while they worked on developing the Exo bodies. During his time there he grew fond of Maya Sundaresh, a Clovis Bray Doctor, though she never seemed to notice him. During his time there Cayde was put into the Exo body and came out more machine than man. He lived through the Collapse, through hundreds of years, to the City you know today. The Exo mind can be erased, but some things remain. Cayde-6 has lived long enough to remember his time at Clovis and the terrors that followed. 

Ikora Rey: Warlock Vanguard

Ikora Rey is a famous Warlock who is said to have ruled both the Crucible and the Battlefields when she was not part of the Vanguard. She was reported as being shot down many times in the wild but she always returned. She is also rumored to have the highest winning streak in the Crucible as well as being a fierce opponent that everyone feared and respected. She spends her time as Vanguard studying threats to the last City. 

Lord Shaxx: Crucible Handler

Lord Shaxx was the second protege under Lord Saladin, along with Zavala. Shaxx came to the City in its early days when there wasn't a wall or even a true city. He was a valiant warrior and a strong Guardian. During the Battle of Twilight Gap. Lord Shaxx disobeyed orders from Lord Saladin and launched a counter attack against the Eliksni. It is possible this choice caused a rift between Shaxx, Saladin and Zavala. Shaxx and Zavala work together now purely because they have to. 

Lord Shaxx constructed the Crucible to test Guardians in hopes of them being better prepared. He believed the toughest enemy would be themselves. Shaxx began taking territories to use as Crucible Arenas. These Arenas were obtained by the Redjacks, a group of frames. Lord Shaxx was also known for speaking out against the Guardians attack at Mare Imbrium. 

Lakshmi-2: Future War Cult Representative

The Future War Cult is a faction of the City that holds a seat on the Consensus. They believe that War is a constant and that the City should be preparing for a War, not cowering behind their walls. Their Faction representative is Lakshmi-2, an Exo who is very secretive. She waits above the Tower hangar, looking for those Guardians who would align themselves with the Future War Cult. She has kept her Origins a secret and comes across rough to those who don't know her well. 

The Future War Cult has been known to operate on questionable terms. They worked to create a device that could send the user across time. They are aggressive and bold in their actions, believing it is their duty to do what must be done to win.

Arach Jalaal: Dead Orbit Representative

Dead Orbit is another Faction of the city that holds a seat on the Consensus. Their beliefs are set in the stars. They believe that Earth is doomed and that humanity must take to the stars if they hope to survive. Some call Dead Orbit cowards but their fleet beyond the asteroid belt has helped the City. Their representative, Araach Jalaal, stands in the Hangar where he waits for Guardians to join their cause.

Executor Hideo: New Monarchy Representative

New Monarchy is the last faction that claims a spot in the Tower. They also work as part of the Consensus like the other factions. New Monarchy believes that the Consensus is too weak and believe that one person should stand above to rest to control the City. They have stated that if Zavala was willing they would crown him king. Their representative is Executor Hideo has set up by the Speaker and calls out to Guardians to join their cause. 

New Monarchy is known to have once shared a Tower with the Concordat, a violent faction. When the Concordat became too aggressive it was New Monarchy that battled against them in an attempt to break their faction. 

Master Rahool: Cryptarch

The Cryptarchs a group that focus on history and the encryption techniques of engrams. They study engrams, matter that has been rearranged and locked into a unique state of matter. It is said that the states of matter include solid, liquid, gas and engram. The cryptarchs have a lot of mystery around them and there are those who question what they do. 

To Guardians the Cryptarch is primarily focused on engram decryption, however those we have encountered so far appear to have great love for history and use engrams to discover more about our past. Master Rahool is an Earth Based Cryptarch who focuses heavily on unlocking engrams and understanding the past, while other Cryptarchs have varying practices. 

Tess Everis: Special Orders and Eververse Trading Co.

Tess Everis offers Guardians unique items. Special item requests are given through her as well as many other fascinating items. Tess Everis crossed paths with a Guardian who became known as Fenchurch Everis. Fenchurch explored the planets and acquired unique antiquities and specialized in crafting new, fascinating pieces. These items are sold through Eververse, the business side of things that is run by Tess. Tess trades her goods only for rare awoken crypto-currency called Silver. Beyond everything, she holds true to beauty beyond substance.  Eververse also has put mobile shops in the Reef and Iron Temple.

Eva Levante: Guardian Outfitter

Eva Levante is a quiet and kind woman who offers her services to the Guardians. She helps design and produce new looks for Guardian armor. She offered her services to the Tower for a very long time before she built her shop there. She focuses on creating Emblems, Shaders and chroma for Guardians who want to stand out. She takes pride in the Guardians who train, fight and fall under her signs.

Amanda Holiday: Shipwright

Amanda Holiday is a merchant mechanic who was born of pilgrims. She comes from the wild roads outside of the City. She spent her young years scavenging and fixing anything she could. She maintained the vehicles her family used out in the wild. When she came to the City her skills in Engineering and her knowledge of Gold Age technology set her apart. She became a leader among the Tower's Shipwrights and now offers her ships to the Guardians. Her past and experience gives her an extra drive to develop the City's aerospace capabilities beyond just her love of flight. 

Beyond selling ships, Amanda helps run the official Sparrow Racing League. These leagues pit Guardians against each other on sparrows in an attempt to out race each other. Sparrow Racing began as an underground event but has since become an organized sport. Redjacks clear out and set up the race courses for the events that the residents of the City look forward to. Amanda provides sparrows, horns and gear for racers.

Banshee-44: Gunsmith

Guardians rely on their weapons in the battlefield and they rely on Banshee-44 to maintain and provide those weapons. Banshee has an extremely extensive knowledge on weapons that is vital to the Tower. He provides and repairs weapons to the Guardians. He also offers test weapons to Guardians to see how they do in the battlefield. Banshee supports the weapon foundries of the City by ordering and delivering weapon orders from Hakke, Omolon and Suros to the Guardians in the Tower. 

Xur: Agent of the Nine

Xur offers great items to trade but is also a great mystery. He works for the Nine, a mysterious group that hides past the Asteroid belt. Their intentions are as mysterious as Xur himself. They appear to be friendly to the Tower for now and send Xur to trade exotic items for strange coins. His presence in the Tower is barely tolerated by the Vanguard and the Speaker.

Tower Frames

Tower Frames are AI based robots that carry out the day to day tasks that aid Guardians and the Vanguard. Kadi 55-30 delivers mail to the Guardians as Postmaster. Roni 55-30 offers Vanguard weapons to the Guardians. Xander 99-40 is the Tower Bounty Tracker. He tracks and offers bounties to Guardians across the solar system. He also tracks every Guardian and offers them rewards. Arcite 99-40 is the last of Lord Shaxx's personal combat frames. He had his combat systems switched out for more civil vendor protocols. His experience helps him equip Guardians with the best gear. 

Eris Morn

Eris Morn has had one of the most troubled pasts of any Guardian. She was part of the fireteam that went to the moon in secret in hopes of defeating Crota. During their time in the hellmouth all of the team but her was killed. She spent years in the Hive tunnels on the Moon. When she returned she did so without a ghost and with a new set of eyes. She had learned a great deal about the Hive during her time and used that knowledge to help you prevent the return of Crota. She then guided you to his throne world where you destroyed Crota for good. She spends her time in the Tower helping Guardians face the Hive. After Oryx returned to this world she offered her knowledge to help you defeat him while also working with the Reef. She continued to guide the Tower and Guardians in their struggle against the Hive. After the threat of SIVA was dealt with, Eris left the safety of the Last City and ventured out into the wild.

Iron Temple Allies 

Lord Saladin

Lord Saladin was among the first Iron Lords to rise before the City was built. He aided the other Iron Lords in defeating the Warlords that controlled the territories beneath the Traveler. He was there when the City became unified and helped defend it against the Eliksni during the Battle of Six Fronts. He took two proteges during his time in the City, Lord Shaxx and Zavala. Tensions rose between them for unknown reasons however. 

Lord Saladin lead a quest with the other Iron Lords to claim SIVA, a Golden Age technology, in hopes of creating a new Golden Age. SIVA was kept beneath the bunker of Rasputin, the Warmind of Earth. When the Iron Lords entered his bunker he was awakened and found the Lord to be a threat. Of the Iron Lords only a small amount made it the final chamber where SIVA was kept. When all hope seemed lost another Iron Lord locked Saladin outside the chamber and ignited an explosion to destroy SIVA. Saladin was one of two surviving Iron Lords from that battle. 

Saladin then set up the Iron Banner, where Guardians would be tested against each other in preperation for what may be to come. When the Eliksni found SIVA, Saladin lead the charge against them. He called you to help and stop the production of SIVA. Saladin maintained his watch at the Iron Temple to make sure SIVA stayed buried.


Shiro-4 is one of the most trusted Vanguard scouts. He has been assigned to mainly Eliksni tracking and elimination. Shiro selflessly gives his skills to the Tower. He now spends his time at the Iron Temple aiding Lord Saladin with the SIVA outbreak. During your quest to destroy SIVA he reported intel and instructions. Shiro also helped construct the Gjallarhorn and Outbreak Prime for you. Shiro also wears a cloak made of House of Kings banners. 

Lady Efrideet

Lady Efrideet was the other Iron Lord beside Saladin to survive the assault on the SIVA chamber. How she survived is unknown. She was a bold warrior during her time but after the Iron Lords fall she sought out a new path. She found a community outside the Last City that focused on peace instead of fighting. She returned to the Iron Temple after Saladin did. Saladin convinced her to visit the temple and hold the Iron Banner instead of him. She agreed and now offers gear and bounties to Guardians willing to test themselves in the Iron Banner.

Tyra Karn: Cryptarch

Tyra Karn is another Cryptarch who deals with the decryption of engrams. However she would rather record and watch history. She was the one who kept the stories of the Iron Lords and helped form the Cryptarch order in the City. She left the day to day management of the Cryptarch Order to focus on learning truths of the past. Lord Saladin convinced her to return to to the Iron Temple to help him during the conflict of SIVA.

Temple Frames

The Frames in the Temple are more rugged builds than the Tower Frames. They are built to withstand more severe weather. Gabi 55-30 delivers packages to the Guardians at the Iron Temple and also attends to the wolves, cauldrons and the Temple's herb garden. Micha 99-40 is the bounty tracker for the Temple and connects back to the Tower to track Guardians and obtain new bounties. Micha also brings in food for the Wolves.

Reef Allies 

Mara Sov: Queen of the Reef

Queen of the Reef, Mara Sov is a great mystery. She holds great power and abilities yet to be understood. She became Queen of the Reef and lead it against the House of Wolves to defend Earth. She and her 7 paladins defeated the Wolves and offered them a place at the Reef under the Queens new title of Kell of House Wolves. She has been referenced as being a dead thin with two souls and she has commented her mother is starlight. She also appears to have the power to summon mighty beings, the Harbingers that cause mass destruction. 

She offered Skolas to the Nine as payment for trespassing on their territory. She also spoke with Eris Morn on the coming of Oryx. When Oryx arrived she took her fleet out to greet him. She launched her Harbingers onto his ship to nest there. This caused Oryx to unleash his ultimate weapon and destroy every ship around his, both Awoken and Hive.  It appears she lived after the battle but it may be in another form. Her starlight still appears in the void. 

Prince Uldren

Prince Uldren is the brother to Mara Sov and a more aggressive character. He appears to be one of the few high ranking males in the Reefs more female ruled system. He serves at her side and is in charge of the Reef Crows, dedicated spies of the Queen. He played a vital part during the Reef Wars in obtaining information on the Wolves. Uldren was the one who trespassed on the Nine's territory with his crows. He also lead an attack on the Dreadnaught forces before the fleet was destroyed.

He was crashed on Mars where his crows found him. He then went searching for the Queen but does not appear to have been successful. Instead, Uldren found the remaining Eliksni and was taken captive. He then made a move to take power over the Eliksni. 

Petra Venj

Petra Venj has worked as the Queens Emissary. Petra's sisters were killed during the Reef Wars and the Queen promoted her to the Corsairs to help her deal with the losses. Petra served under Paladin Abra Zire during the Hildian Campaign, chasing Skolas through the Hildian asteroids. Petra also captured Veliniks after the war ended, preventing an uprising of the Wolves in the Reef. During a mission Petra ordered an air strike that killed several teams of Guardians. She was then pulled from the field and became the Queens Emissary. She was sent to the Tower to offer Guardians bounties and rewards on behalf of the Queen and the Reef.

When Skolas escaped, Petra was brought back to the Field to help bring him in. After the Queen vanished during the attack on Oryx, Petra became the acting regent-commander of the Reef. 

Variks, the Loyal

Variks is an Eliksni of the House of Judgment. He worked as scribe to the House of Wolves. During the Reef Wars Variks gave information to the Reef and helped end the war. Variks then claimed Mara Sov the new Kell of the Wolves and advised all Wolves to bow to her. Variks has always had a strong belief that the Eliksni could find a better path, one not filled with violence. Along with Petra, Variks helped you track down and capture Skolas. Variks also helped build the Prison of Elders, which was modeled after Eliksni ways of Judgment. When the Queen invited us to the Prison for treasure, Variks acted as supervisor for our challenges. He also collected a broken cipher that he fixed with the Queens Cipher. Ciphers were used by Kells to control Ether Flow. You took it into the Arena for it to judge you and it opened. Variks took the Cipher and gave you rewards.

After the Queen and Uldren vanished, Variks took over the Reefs Crows. When the Taken began to subside, Variks held Taken in the Prison to study them. He attempted to have you capture Malok but our focus was on ending him. When the Eliksni took on SIVA, Variks was shown as having great disappointment for the Eliksni. 

Master Ives: Cryptarch

Master Ives is the Cryptarch for the Reef. He is part of a larger group of Reef Cryptarchs that focuses on encryption of matter rather then decryption. He finds the beliefs of the Earth Cryptarchs to be false and praises the Queen for allowing the Reef Cryptarchs to focus on the true form of Cryptography. ​

The Queens Military

The Reef military is made up of Seven Paladins. The Queen commands all seven and they carry out varying tasks. Four Paladins command the Royal Armada. This includes the Corsairs and the Vestian Guard. Those four Paladins are Abra Zire, Kamala Rior, Hallam Fen and Leona Bryl. Two other Paladins, Pavel Nolg and Devi Cassi, command the Royal Army that includes the Reef battle stations and military installations. The Seventh Paladin commands the Royal Awoken Guard. The Guard protects the Queen at all times and works closely with Prince Uldren and his crows. They are trained in espionage and diplomacy as well as in firearms and hand to hand combat. 

The Techeuns

The Techeuns are a mysterious group that worked under the Queen of the Reef. They have unique abilities, one of them allowing them to pull forward the Harbingers. These Harbingers were deadly trophies of an ageless war. During the Reef Wars the Techeuns used the Harbingers to break the Wolves. Though the Techeuns are powerful, only the Mother of the Coven comes close to the power of the Queen herself. The Techeuns were with the Queen during the attack on the Dreadnaught and helped summon all but the oldest Harbinger so they could nest on the Dreadnought itself.

Other Allies 


During the Golden Age, humanity developed new forms of technology and created amazing feats. One of those feats is the Warminds, extremely intelligent AI minds that were built to aid and protect humanity. These minds worked through AI cores and thousands of Warsats, allowing them to watch over humanity. The only name known to the Warminds is Rasputin, the Warmnd of Earth. During the Golden Age Rasputin became weary of the Traveler. Rasputin kept a close eye on the Traveler. 

When the Darkness arrived, the Warminds attempted to hold it back but failed. The Warminds fell silent, possibly being destroyed or possibly on purpose. Humanity fell and the world changed. The Traveler poured its light into the dead and they became Risen. The first group of Risen who sought to protect humanity were known as the Iron Lords. The Iron Lords helped build the City and went looking for something to help rebuild the Golden Age. They believed they had found what they wanted with SIVA, an ancient technology buried beneath the bunker of the Warmind Rasputin. When the Iron Lords entered his bunker, the Exo Felwinter tried to communicate with Rasputin to gain his aid. Rasputin awoke to find the world had collapsed and his bunker filled with those carried the Traveler's light. With his directive to protect humanity and his distrust of the Traveler, Rasputin attack the Iron Lords. Frames were sent to destroy the Lords and when they gained ground Rasputin activated SIVA to destroy them. Lord Saladin and Lady Efrideet were the only surviving Iron Lords. 

When Rasputin woke something changed within him. He became more than just a Warmind, in some way he became something more. Instead of following his protocols to protect humanity Rasputin stayed silent, waiting and studying. It wasn't until after you were Risen that his signal was found. The Eliksni were tracking the signal and were trying to hack into Rasputin. You stepped in and stopped it. After that, a team went dark in Skywatch trying to activate an old Golden Age Array. You obtained those codes and opened the array, only for Rasputin to hack into it. This allowed Rasputin to connect to the Warsats around the system and test his strength on Mars. Rasputin was found inside the AI core of the Warmind of Mars. 

You have also protected Rasputin from multiple attacks in his bunker. Omnigul, The Taken and the Eliksni all broke into the bunker before being cleaned out. Though you have helped him he has not responded to the Vanguards attempts to contact him. The motives behind Rasputin are not well known. It is not sure if he is for, against, or indifferent to the City. 

The Exo Stranger

The Exo Stranger plays a unique role in Destiny. She appears at important times and has played a important role in the journey through the original Destiny story. The Exo Stranger first appears on your very first mission, right after you were risen. She watched from the roof top of Dock 13 as you left in you ship for the first time. Next time she showed up was outside of your first mission on the moon. She watched from a nearby ridge as you investigated the Hive Temple. She then makes her first contact with you before head down to stop the Hive from draining the light from the Traveler. She tells you what you are doing is brave and that if you survive to come find her on Venus. 

Once you meet her on Venus she dances around the subject of the Vex while chatting with an unknown member. She tells you that the Vex are evil so dark that they despise other evil. She also tells you about the Black Garden, where the group of Vex worship a form of the Darkness known as the Heart of the  Black Garden. After we destroy the Heart we return to the Tower and meet with the Exo Stranger one more time. She offers you her rifle, a piece of technology that contains parts that should not exist yet, and tells you this is just the beginning. 

The Exo Stranger appears to have the ability to travel across timelines or time. Rasputin met the Exo and desired her ability. She has been referenced as a Guardian with no ghost. An anomaly that dissolved in and out of this world, intangible and elusive. There are those who believe she is false but others swear that she saved their lives or averted something much worse.

Brother Vance: Disciple of Osiris

The Banished Warlock Osiris had been hiding since his time in the Tower. There are those who agree with his ideas and became his Disciples. One known Disciple is Brother Vance. Vance has made a home at the Vestian Outpost in the Reef. There he is just beyond the reach of the City and can spread the teachings of Osiris. He offers Guardians willing to sway from their path a challenge. This challenge pits Guardians against Guardians in the most brutal test. Those who come out victorious are granted gear from Brother Vance. Those who prove themselves the top competitor by dominating the Trials of Osiris without losing ground are given access to the Lighthouse. This camp is one of the hidden locations Osiris holds. When you enter the Lighthouse you receive gifts that prove you above other Guardians. The Disciples of Osiris will continue to turn Guardians from the City and towards the path of Osiris.

The Eliksni (Fallen)

The Eliksni (Fallen)

The Eliksni held the Travelers, known to them at the Great Machine, attention before humanity. They were given a Golden Age where their technology and culture bloomed. The Eliksni are humanoid insects with four arms. They consume Ether, a substance native to their home world, which dictates their growth and size. The more Ether an Eliksni consumed the larger it can become. When the Traveler blessed the Eliksni they developed cloaking devices, space ships, teleportation techniques, and ways to manufacture Ether. However, the Darkness had chased the Traveler and had found it above the Eliksni. The Traveler fled and they were left in a collapse known to the Eliksni as Whirlwind. The remaining Eliksni chased after the Traveler and followed it to our system. There they found it on Earth and fought to take it back. 

The Eliksni are a single race, though their appearance does vary. Their ranking also varies through their groups, known as Houses. At the bottom is the Dreg, an Eliksni who has had it's lower arms cut off and prevented from growing back. This happens as punishment to those who do wrong by the Eliksni. The next step up is the Vandal, who makes up the bulk of the army. Above that is the first step of command, Captain. Captains are larger with heavy armor and weapons. They lead packs of Eliksni in assaults. The Baron is the same size as a Captain but is one step above them. The Eliksni also have several robotic tools to help them. Shanks are small flying drones that help scout and fight. Servitors are robots who relay commands to the Eliksni troops and carries Ether for them to consume. Servitors also act as computer for Eliksni Ketchs, massive flying bases. The last are the members of the High Command. Their relationship and power over each other is still unknown. These members double or triple the size of captains and work at the core of their bases or ketchs. The first is the Archon Prime who works with the Prime Servitor, a Servitor that commands others and controls Ether flows. The Second is the Kell, who leads the House. 

The Eliksni that came to our system were from several different Houses. The House of Devils attacked Old Russia and were the first to attack humanity. They bear red colors and have lead several attacks on the Last City. Saint-14 led a campaign against them and defeated their Kell (Solkis) by smashing in his skull. The House of Kings wear gold banners and wait in the shadows. Their high command have never been seen by Guardians. Two of their Barons (Paskin and Vekis) were seen and killed in the field. The House of Winter had taken up camp on Venus, outside the Ishtar Collective. The House of Wolves hid out beyond the Asteroid belt until the other Houses called for it's aid against the City. The other three attacked but the Wolves never made it. Their original Kell was killed, plus two of it's commanders who wanted to be Kell. Skolas, another to be Kell, was released from prison by the Nine and called forward the Wolves that had joined the Reef. Those who found themselves rejected from the other Houses joined the House of Exile on the Moon. There the highest known ranking member was a Baron of House Exile. The last House is the House of Judgment. Judgment acted as some form of government on their home world and the only remaining member, Variks, the Loyal acted as a scribe for the House of Wolves before joining the Reef. 

The House of Devils has waged the longest war on humanity. They attempted to attack Rasputin with a modified shank (S.A.B.E.R. -2). When their leadership was destroyed and their every attempt was stopped they focused on their Splicers. Splicers exist in each house and seek new ways to power their House. The Devil Splicers found an ancient technology known as SIVA that re-built the Eliksni House. They used SIVA to rebuild Sepiks Prime. Sepiks was destroyed along with the rest of the Splicers leadership.

The Eliksni have been beaten back and defeated. They have burned their banners and left their strongholds. They have captured Prince Uldren but it appears he is planning to take over. 

The Hive

The Hive

The Hive are the only enemy of the City that it can be said they truly follow the Darkness. They are attached to it, worship it, thrive from it, and are doomed because of it. The Hive began as a weak race on a planet filled with millions of species. At the core of the Planet was the Deep, the Darkness, and those who worshipped it. On the Moons of this planet, fundament, was the Traveler and those who followed the Sky, the Light. Three sisters gained power from those who worshipped the Deep. To gain this power they had to consume power to feed the larvae of the Worm Gods, the ones who worshipped the Deep. The Hive wages war on the Traveler above and as it ran they continued to wage war on the universe. 

One of the Sisters became male and took the name Oryx. The siblings were given the power of Sword Logic, which dictated if you killed another thing you have proven yourself stronger and therefore grow stronger. Each sibling grew stronger and stronger until Oryx was killed. However with his might Oryx created a throne world that would receive his soul when he died, making him immortal outside of his throne world. His sisters shared this throne world and the siblings killed each other over and over to gain power. 

When Oryx had children they also had a throne world. Oryx had two daughters who played with reality and found a way to hide their soul deeper within their throne world and make it harder to be killed, this is called an Oversoul. Oryx also had a son, Crota, who cut a wound in our reality that let the Vex in. As punishment Crota was thrown through time where he became a strong demon and found himself eventually on the Moon. When he was killed his father called for revenge. Oryx arrived in our solar system to take that revenge but instead was killed in his own throne world. 

The Hive themselves are an exoskeleton based race. The lowest member of the Hive is the Thrall, a small force that act as the bulk of the Hive forces. The next step is the Acolyte. These are bulkier forces that carry weapons. Above them is the Knight, completely plated in armor that has been nailed on and bearing dark swords they are fierce warriors. The last step above the Knight is the Wizard. They call forward dark magic and guide the other forces of the Hive into battle. The Hive also use Ogres, Hive that have been twisted with darkness, as brute force. Above the main forces are the Ascendant Hive who carry the same body structures. 

The Hive have several groups that function for different purposes.. The Spawn of Crota are the Hive minions that directly follow Crota. The Blood of Oryx directly serve Oryx himself. There are other Hive Sects, like the Hidden Swarm, that follow serve the Hive Gods but are not directly controlled by them. 

The Vex

The Vex

The Vex are an ancient fluid based race that wield robotic forms. The minds of the Vex are contained within a white fluid known as Radiolaria. The Radiolaria contains thousands of cells that act together act as a fluid brain. The Robotic forms of the Vex are merely vehicles of the Vex. This substance allows Vex to connect across thousands of units and react instantly. The Origin and the true nature of the Vex is till unknown. 

The Vex are extremely advanced minds that have focused on being the ultimate power in the universe across all realities. They use near perfectly accurate simulations to determine the best courses of action. The Vex came to our reality when a Hive God, Crota, cut a wound in the fabric of reality and let them in. When the Vex met Oryx they were unable to simulate him. The Vex began to spread through our reality and a section of Vex began to worship the darkness in hopes of obtaining similar results to Oryx.  

In our solar system the Vex found a foot hold. When the Traveler terraformed Venus Vex ruins appeared. These ruins dated back several billion years. When humanity spread to Venus they began researching the Vex ruins. During their research the Collective found a Vex Hobgoblin. They began to study it and it in turn began studying them. The Hobgoblin began to simulate the research team to such great accuracy that the team began questioning their own reality. The team brought in a Warmind to defeat the Vex mind. 

From their research the team believed that when the Traveler changed Venus it collided an alternate reality with our own. This caused the ruins to appear. The Vex spread from Venus and built spires on Mars, connected the Black Garden to Mars and transformed Mercury into a giant machine. The Vex also set up a gate network that allows them to travel across time and space. The ability to manipulate time is a skill the Vex practice often, however their ability in our reality is limited. 

There are several realities that the Vex have connected to our own that they do control. The First if the Black Garden, tied to Mars through a massive vex gate. The Black Garden is home to a Heart of Darkness that the Vex worship. The Heart was destroyed and the Garden was cleansed. The other reality connected to ours is the Vault of Glass. This reality is a well of timelines. Every moment and every timeline meet at this one point. Every river of time flows into the Vault. At this point the Vex can inspect every moment and manipulate it. The Vex also control every aspect of the Vault, if they find you and think you should not exist they will remove you from existence. 

The Vex follow a few robotic forms. The basic models are humanoid, Goblins and Hobgoblins. Larger models provide for power and protection, Minotaurs. Beyond the humanoid models the Vex also have small Harpy builds which move through the air. The Larger model Hydras offer the same aerial freedom but with greater fire power and defense. The Vex are separated into groups that have different governing minds and varying objectives. The first is the Hezen Corrective, Vex that focus on violently attacking enemies of the Vex and. The next group, the Hezen Protective, patrols around the Vault of Glass, protecting it's entry. The Protective also defends the Vex Citadel structure and the Endless Steps. The Virgo Prohibition is located on Mars and violently attack the Cabal forces there. Sol Divisive are a group that protect the Black Garden and focus on the religious ideology that mimics the Hive. The Last two groups exist within the Vault of Glass. The Precursors are ancient machines that are the ancestors of the Vex found around Venus and Mars. The Other group is the Descendants, Vex that are ancient and yet their life span begins in the future. 

The Cabal

The Cabal

The Cabal are large humanoid aliens that are prepared for war. They wear heavy suits that are pressurized to simulate their home world. They function on a militarized empire a very long way away. The troops in our solar system include scouts and teams set on building bases for both ground and air based forces. The Cabal have taken over Mars and have set up fortresses and exclusion zones across the surface. They have also ventured out to mercury where they have investigated Vex structures. 

The Cabal are well known for being brutal warriors who move slow but gain ground. Cabal forces have been fighting with the Vex on Mars while also studying Guardian forces. The bulk of the Cabal forces are made up of Legionary troops and Phalanx Troops. Legionary are standard issue units that move quickly with jet packs and light weapons. Phalanx units carry large shields that both protect them and record information about incoming damage. Heavier duty troops include Centurions and the Colossus unit that carried heavy weapons. The Cabal also use another species, Psions, that are much smaller and agile. They are more intellectually based and even have exhibit psychokinetic abilities. 

The Cabal in our system are split into five groups. The first is the Sand Eaters, which supply the bulk of the Cabal military.  Veteran Sand Eaters become Dust Giants, a highly trained group that focus on attacking the Vex lines. The Siege Dancers are elite troops that are deployed into unsecured areas to take control and set up fortifications. The Blind Legion goes further then the Dust Giants and are dedicated to descending into the buried ruins of the Vex. The last Cabal group in our solar system is the Skyburners. They focus on the aerial aspect of the Cabal and worked off of the fleet base on Phobos before it was destroyed. The Skyburners used their ship to break the hull of the Hive Dreadnought.

After their leadership was destroyed and their forces scattered the Cabal made a signal to the Cabal Empire in another system. If this signal reached the Empire it could alert them and could cause a full scale invasion by the Cabal.

The Taken

The Taken

When Oryx returned to the Worm God Akka in the Deep he killed him and took his power of shapes. This allowed Oryx to take shapes from this reality and twist them to fit his desire. When Oryx reached our solar system he took our enemies and bent them to his will. These became the Taken. The Taken are beings that do not obey the laws of our reality. Those that are taken come back with new and horrifying powers. Any enemy we kill or the Taken kill will be taken itself.