Collection of Destiny Lore and Sources

Prologue of Destiny

The Prologue of Destiny covers the lore of Destiny that happens before the rise of your Guardian. This covers the background of the Hive, the arrival of the Traveler and the story of the Last City. Through out the records icons will appear that will provide links to other content created around the Destiny Lore.

Ancient Past

Books of Sorrow

​​The Books of Sorrow are a collection of stories that were compiled by Oryx. The Books dive deeper into the lore of the Hive. The Books begin on Fundament, a gas giant that contained floating continents that housed 511  different species. These continents were the remains of planets that had crashed into the gas giant.

One of these species was the Proto-Hive, the Krill. The Krill lived a very short and painful life of  ten years. The Krill lived on at least two continents of Fundament, The Osmium Court and the Helium Court. The Krill were weak and suffered greatly. They believed they were meant to be weak and meant to forever suffer, this was known as the Timid Logic. The Krill resembled insects and they would grow into several different forms or morphs. Beneath the floating continents was the Leviathan and further down were the Worm Gods.

On the surface Taox, the Sterile Mother, who did not suffer the same short life, spoke of the Osmium King who at ten years of age was growing senile. The Osmium King had three heirs, each two years old. The three sisters: Xi Ro, Sathona and Auruash were seen as unfit to rule by Taox, who wanted the throne for herself. The mad King then died allowing Taox to take the throne from the sisters. The sisters declared Taox a traitor. They set out on a ship in hopes of finding aid in taking back the courts. Before the Osmium King had passed he had spoke of the moons aligning, creating a bulge on the ocean of Fundament. When this event, called Syzygy, passed over the gravitational pull that would lift the ocean would fade and it the ocean would come down on the continents of Fundament. The sisters saught out how to save themselves and their kind. 

Before they had left Sathona had taken her fathers familiar, a dead worm that still spoke with her. It guided her and whispered to her. It directed her to dive deep beneath the continents, deep into Fundament. Along their way they begin to hear continents smashing together, confirming their fear of the Syzygy. They dived deeper and find a Leviathan, who told them to turn back to save themselves from the Deep. They went deeper still, until they find what they were searching for, the Worm Gods in the Deep: Yul, Eir, Xol, Ur and Akka. The Worms permitted the sisters to come to them. They spoke of waiting for the Sisters and wanting to protect them. They tell them that the Deep is good and that the Sky is wrong and that it had aligned the moons to destroy the Krill, in fear of their potential. The Worms Gods offered them a deal, if the Sisters took  the larvae of the Worm Gods and feed them they will gain power and immortality. 

To Aurash, the bargain deems she must never cease to explore and inquire. To Xi Ro, she must never cease to test her strength. To Sathona, she may never abandon cunning. If they abandoned those calls the worms inside them will devour them. They were told to take the larvae home and had each Krill take one to feed, any who did not should die. With the Sisters having power over their own flesh and lives they took on new names, adult names. Aurash became Auryx, King morph. Sathona became Savathun, the mother morph. Xi Ro became Ivu Arath, Knight morph. 

The two Sisters and Auryx left the Deep and waged war. Taox was pushed into retreat and the Krill took the worm and became the Hive. The Worm Gods direct them to slaughter everyone on the Kaharn Bastion and claim the logic required to cut space open and migrate to orbit. The Worm Gods were freed and directed the siblings away from Fundament and to its moons, into the Sky. 

On the 52 moons was a advanced species known as the Ammonite, who could travel through space. The siblings tried to offer the Ammonites something as trade, but they were already content with life. They then looked to a 53rd moon, the Traveler, a servant of the Sky. The Worm Gods directed the siblings to kill the Ammonites and steal their technology before attacking the Traveler. 

The attack failed as the Chroma-Admiral Rafriit of the Ammonite pushed Auryx and the Hive back in retreat. They then were directed to breed armies and disperse their young across the moons. Auryx left the war but because of his need to feed his worm he was forced to return. The Worm Gods granted him Sword Logic, a logic that every kill Auryx took would make him stronger and his blade sharper. Then Auryx was betrayed and killed by Savathun. He could not hold power or ground and so Savathun took it from him. In his death he created his own throne world, a dominion of his own might where his true essence was held. Auryx could not die unless killed there and when he returned his sisters gained the same power. 

Auryx slayed the Leviathan to leave the Deep, Xivu Arath had made a temple of the Chroma-Admirals corpse and the Traveler had fled. The Worm Gods called Auryx, Savathun and Arath to join them in the warm between the Deep and the Sky and to end Taox, who still lived. 

The three then learned to cut through reality to their throne world and practice Sword Logic on each other, cutting their way back into this reality after death. For twenty thousand years they waged war on each other, practicing death. Auryx then created his court of high war, where anyone could challenge him and what would be a school of Sword Logic. Savathun made a court called the High Coven and Arath said the world is her court, wherever there is war. Auryx then comes to realize that as they kill and feed their worms their worms will desire more to eat. Eventually they will not be able to feed the worms and will perish. They cannot have the eternal life they were promised.

Then the Hive encountered a species that challenged them, the Ecumene. The Hive struggled against them but their efforts were wasted. The Hive worms began to hunger more and more but they could not feed them. To gain the power to defeat the Ecumene Savathun, Arath and Auryx met in their throne world and Savathun and Arath offered their true lives to Auryx. This sacrifice would give Auryx immense power through sword logic. Then Auryx went to the Worm Akka. He asked Akka for the power of the Deep and when Akka would not give it to him Auryx took the power. With the power gained from killing his sisters he cut Akka and took the secret of the Deep. He wrote the secrets on the Tablets of Ruin and he wore them about his waste. 

Auryx spoke with the Deep, the beautiful final shape. He became the King of Shapes, known as Oryx, the Taken King. He returned from the Deep with the power to take life and make it his own. Oryx ventured out and attacked the Ecumene with his Tablets and the Worm his God was pleased. After a hundred years of war with the Ecumene the Ecumene Council was defeated by Oryx and out of their blood rose Xivu Arath, because she was war and Oryx had conjured her back with war. Oryx was glad and the Ecumene wailed in grief. Oryx and Arath made war for another forty years. Oryx asked the Ecumene at the Dakaua Nest to help him kill Xiva. They agreed in desperation but the Dakaua Nest was driven into a trap and were made extinct. From their ashes rose Savathun, saying "I am trickery, and you have conjured me back with trickery."

Then the three made war on the Ecumene for a thousand years and exterminated them so wholly that any record of them could not be found outside of the Books of Sorrow and the mind of Toax, who could not be found. Savathun and Xiva asked Oryx how they were to feed their worms and Oryx responded with a ritual of tithes. The Thrall, at the lowest level, would feed their own worm through killing and they would tithe the rest to their superior. The same would be done for each member of the Hive until the tithes reached Savathun, Xiva and Oryx. Those who could tithe enough would become Ascendant Hive, those who could then enter the netherworld, where the Hive Throne Worlds exist. This was the Law Oryx created. 

The Hive waged war on the Taishibethi and when they were made extinct Oryx and his Sisters found themselves on the edge of the Deep. Oryx felt the Deep call him in and so he went to speak with it. He made an offering to the Deep in his throne world, and the Deep came. The deep spoke it's truth, that the universe was not filled with friendship, but victory. That the universe is run on extinction, by extermination, by death. It is through these trials that the universe will become what it should be, it will find it's true nature. That law is majestic, it is the only thing that can be true in and of itself and it is the Deep.

Oryx vowed to have Sons and Daughters, whom he could love and kill, when he returned from the Deep he had Crota, Eater of Hope as a Son. Then he cut a worm in two and it became two daughters, Ir Halak and Ir Anuk. His daughters discoverd a way to separate their death from them and called it an Oversoul. The Oversoul could be hidden within a throne world to better protect Ascendant Hive. Oryx was pleased and told Crota to watch his sisters and learn cunning. Oryx grew wings and set off to observe the Deep and destroy an Ancient Fortress.

Crota experimented as well, mimicking the sisters and cutting a wound in the universe. Through the wound came the Vex and they invaded Oryx's throne world. The Vex swarmed and attempted to define the rules of Oryx's throne world. This manifested the Vex Mind, Quria, Blade Transform. Quria deduced Sword Logic. It determined that it must kill everything and then it will be powerful. Vex warriors swarmed from the wound and killed two thousand Acolytes and ten thousand thralls. The Vex had defined themselves as power by right of slaughter. 

Ir Halak called forth her sister wizards and they used the killing power to create an annihilator totem, which they used to smash the Vex. Crota tried to close the wound but Quria had found a way to keep it open and planned to exploit the paracausal physics of Ory'x throne so it could become divine. For a hundred years the siblings fought the Vex. When the Vex entered the sword world they were destroyed but when the Hive went into the Vex world they lost the power to win. Quaria captured some Worm larvae and experimented on them. It then manifested a religious tactic. Quria learned by directing worship at the Worm it could alter reality with mild complications. It then manufactured an order that would believe in the worship of the Worm. Quria never attempted to fuse the Worm with itself as the Hive did.

This drew the attention of the Worm God, Eir. It called to Oryx to set his house in order. Oryx returned and read from the Tablets of Ruin. He took some of the Vex and turned them against the others. Oryx then crushed all the Vex in his throne world. He punished Crota by throwing him into the Vex world. There Crota battled through history, becoming a legendary demon. He began to understand his father during his trials and built temples to him. 

Oryx brooded on the Vex, thinking he should study geometry like them. The Vex were a worthy rival to Oryx and he did not understand them. He called forth Savathun and she told him that the Vex worked to understand everything so that they could build a victory in every possible end state of the universe. Oryx decided he would become the King of one outcome, this would put him above the Vex. He would follow the Deep and catalog the grave of worlds. Savathun and Arath then plotted to sneak into Oryx's throne world, but he had moved it into a mighty dreadnaught. This ship was made of one piece of the long dead Akka. He stole the Hammer of Xivu and the Scalpel of Savathun to armor his ship in baneful armor. He pulled his throne world inside out and tied it to the ship. This protected it from incursion because it could move so easily.

Oryx attacked the Harmonious Flotilla Invincible, who guarded the Nicha Thought-ship. Oryx reached into the Deep with his Sword and pulled it's power out. It swelled from his ship and broke them. Oryx hoped to find the Gift Mast, a monument that the Traveler made to sing in radiance. He found Quria instead. Quria attempted to simulate Oryx but could not. It knew that Oryx was stronger and that it could not win. Oryx took Quria and gave it to Savathun to study. Savathun then pondered their truth, if there is proof that the way of the Deep was the right way.

The Hive continued to chase the Traveler and chase after the Gift Mast. They Worm Gods had also gained freedom and appear to have spoke with other races as the Dragons, causing jealousy among Aarath. Then Oryx and his sisters found and took the Gift Mast, feasting on it. Savathun then told her siblings it was time for them to part ways. She drove her war moon into a black hole, making her throne distant. Arath claimed Oryx took up too much space and his power constrained too many choices, so she also left and her throne was barred shut. Then Oryx was alone and spent his time in thought, thoughts that were written in the Books of Sorrow.

Oryx then pondered the slavery of the Traveler. It thought of how their logic of life and civilizations of peace was a useless one. Savathun had asked Oryx is he was as much a slave of the Deep as his minions are. She asked what price he payed for power. Oryx stated that the only right is existence and the only wrong is nonexistence. Oryx then learned that the Deep is the Darkness and ponders where it came from. He then tells of his inheritance, eternity and infinity, the whole universe beneath his sword. Oryx ponders his life, how without his children he would not have enough tribute to feed his Worm. If he could not do that then he does not deserve to live. He will go on forever, understand everything but if he fails, he accepted that he will be nothing but wormfood and his work will die. So is the end of the Books of Sorrow.​​

Pre Golden Age


After the events of the Books of Sorrow, the Traveler made its way through the universe. Along the way the Traveler met one race in particular known as the Eliksni. The Traveler might have also met many other races before it found the Eliksni however they are the only known race after Books of Sorrow that the Traveler met. The Eliksni, more commonly known as the Fallen, entered an age where their technology advanced in a great leap and their culture seem to progress as well. The extent of this advancement is unknown but it might be reasonable to assume that with the Traveler the Eliksni were able to build space ships and technology that outclasses our modern tech. The Eliksni lived on a source of Ether. It sustained them and dictates their size and strength. It is highly possible that the Eliksni were able to create Servitors with the aid of the Traveler. These machines, possibly built in the image of the Traveler, were able to use other substances to produce and distribute Ether to the Eliksni. The Eliksni also seemed to have peace through out their Houses, the varied groups of Eliksni. The House of Judgment had scribes who worked within each House that helped them stay connected and keep peace. 

The Traveler was not free of the Darkness however. In some form the Darkness caught up to the Traveler at the Eliksni home world. Fearing the strength of the Darkness the Traveler ran, leaving the Eliksni to fend for themselves. Houses fell to fighting and their whole system shattered. The few that remained chased after the Traveler in space ships, becoming scavengers and pirates out in the void. This breaking of the Eliksni is known as Whirlwind.

Ares 1

After the Traveler fled the Eliksni home world it searched for another world to support. This may be the nature of the Traveler or it may have been looking for a world that could help protect it. When the Traveler arrived in our solar system it deemed us worthy of its blessing. It began by growing jungles on Venus and bringing rain down on the barren landscape of Mars. The Traveler rested silently on Mars and Humanity began assembling a team to go out and meet it. The shuttle Ares 1 left for Mars with the crew of Jacob Hardy, Mihaylova and Qiao. They landed on Mars and headed out in hopes of making contact with the Traveler. The team was successful and the Traveler helped push humanity into a new age.

The Golden Age

The Golden Age

Similar to the Elliksni the Traveler created an age of advancement in human technology and culture. This age was known as the Golden Age. With the help of the Traveler humanity spread out to the other planets and built colonies away from Earth. The Ishtar Collective was set up on Venus to study ruins that appeared with the jungles. These ruins were as old as Venus itself and belonged to a species known as the Vex. The great city of Freehold was built on Mars and housed Clovis Bray, a facility that lead technological advancements. They developed the Exo program, which combined robotic frames with the human consciousness, and developed nanotech programs to help advance both humans and technology. During the Golden Age great AI minds were constructed to help support and defend humanity. These AI were known as the Warminds. 

The Collapse

The Collapse

Like the Eliksni before humanity, those who followed the Traveler had found it once again. The Darkness swept over the solar system and caused the collapse of humanity. The exact chain of events during the Collapse are unknown, however it is known that very few survived it. The Darkness completely shattered humanity, leaving billions to suffer and die through the colonies. The Warminds attempted to protect humanity but failed, all of them falling silent. Earth was the only planet that appears to have been protected. The Traveler had used its light to push the Darkness back and defend the last remaining members of humanity. During the Collapse some tried to flee the solar system, they made it to the asteroid belt where the Darkness waited. Out there on the edge of the light they were trapped and twisted. They managed to survive and build a colony among the broken starships and asteroids that became known as the Reef and those who lived were called the Awoken.

The Dark Age

The Dark Age

Humanity was broken and the Traveler had grown silent. The solar system was still and the Darkness crept in. The Eliksni came from the edge of the system and began to claim the planets as their home. The House of Winter came to rest on Venus, outside the Ishtar Academy. The House of Kings and the House of Devils reached deeper into human territory and scavenged Earth. Those that could not find a home among the other Houses joined the House of Exile on the Moon. The House of Wolves waited out past the Asteroid Belt, in the deep Darkness. 

On Earth those who were still alive searched for a trail, a ship or any sign of safety and hope. Slowly refugees began to gather beneath the Traveler, hoping it would grant shelter from the Darkness. Awoken slowly began to leave the Reef and arrive on Earth. Among the dark night came a light, the Ghosts. The Traveler gave what little light it could spare to instill its own light into small Ai robots known as Ghosts. They searched the solar system in an attempt to find corpses that could be resurected to wield the light of the Traveler. 

The City Age

As the survivors gathered beneath the Traveler a city began to grow. When exactly the City Age started is unknown, but it did not grow easily. The History of the City is filled with both great heroes and times of darkness.

The Iron Lords and Warlods, the Faction Wars

Before the City was unified it was spread out beneath the Traveler. It started as small towns and groups banding together to. Over time leaders rose over the others. This started creating official territories beneath the Traveler. Some of those leaders were Risen, those who the Ghosts had deemed strong enough to wield the light. At this point the Risen had no direction or purpose. Some began to help others on their path to the Traveler, some tried not to draw attention to themselves and others believed that their gifts of great power and near immortality meant they  had the right to claim control over others. Those who believed they were higher then others because of their power became Warlords, taking over territories to create factions and spreading fear and suffering. 

Their reign became too much for other Risen to suffer through. A small group decided that their light was not meant to control humanity but to protect it. Radegast, Jolder, Saladin and Perun lead the first attack against the Warlords. After that battle they decided to never again walk in fear of others, of Warlords, of evil or of darkness. They called others to the charge, among them: Efrideet, Gheleon, Silimar, Skorri, Timur and Felwinter who was a Warlord who abandoned his reign to join them. Together and with many more they became the Iron Lords. They gave every Warlord an option, join them or perish. Over time the Iron Lords cleaned out the Warlords and created the ground work to create one unified city beneath the Traveler. 

The Guardians and the City

As the City grew more Risen came to answer the call to duty. New orders rose to address the new Risen. The Guardian Orders were created to protect the City and were divided into three major groups. The first is the Hunter group, Guardians who lived out in the wild. They guided refugees to safety or hunted enemies beyond the protection of the wall. The next is the Titan group, mountains of metal and muscle. The Titans helped build the great walls around the City and focused on protecting the City. The last is the Warlock group, those who seek to understand the world. The Warlocks focus on their studies and further understanding of the workings of the light. Each group is then divided into individual Orders that focus on different objectives. The Guardian Orders set up in a Tower along the great wall and became a unified force. Over the Guardians there are three Vanguard Mentors, those who have proved themselves the perfect example of a Guardian. Over the Titans is Zavala, Over the Hunters is Cayde-6 and before him was Andal Brask, Over the Warlocks is Ikora Rey and before her was Osiris. 

The Vanguard work on the Consensus, a group created to govern the City after the end of continuous power struggles. The Consensus is made of varying Faction Leaders, The Vanguard, and the Speaker. The Speaker is the one who speaks for the Silent Traveler. He helps guide the Guardians and the Vanguard. The Factions are groups of the city that ask for Guardian allegiances to help accomplish their own goals. Though there are more Factions only a handful are selected to have a seat on the Consensus and have a place in the Tower. Future War Cult is a Faction that believes that war is a constant and that we should always be prepared for it. New Monarchy believes that the City needs one ruler over the city to decide for it and guide it. They even state that if Zavala were willing they would make him a King. Dead Orbit believes that Earth is lost and that humanity should seek to leave this system and look for a new home to build again. There are other factions of the City, some still function while others have passed. The Concordat is one faction that became dangerous and radical and were removed from power. 

The Great Ahamkara Hunt

When the Traveler changed Venus more came with it then just great jungles and forests. Among the trees came Vex ruins, which were dated to be as old as Venus itself. The Ahamkara also appeared on Venus. The Ahamkara are still a mystery but were also known as Wish Dragons. They were scaled creatures who offered great power and knowledge to the Guardians who found them. The gift came with a heavy price though and that price was deemed too expensive. The Consensus ordered a great hunt to destroy the Ahamkara. While they were physically removed these creatures seem to remain, giving power to those who would wield their bones. However that gift still comes with a price, the whisperings of chaos and fire. 

The Battle of Six Fronts

The City had been unified under the Consensus and protected by the Guardians. The Dark Ages were over and a new Age had arrived, one that promised hope of a bright future. Now that the walls were built and the outposts of the City were filled a challenge would rise against the City. The Eliksni raised an offense and attacked the City at six fronts. Four Titan orders are praised for not losing a single front during the battle. The Four Titan Orders, the Iron Lords, and more Guardians defeated the Eliksni and proved that the City was secure, the Guardians were strong and the enemies of the Tower were not unbreakable. The Darkness closed in on the City but the light broke through it. After the Battle of Six Fronts the Warlock Osiris was promoted to Warlock Vanguard. What happened to the previous Vanguard mentor or if there was one at all has not been established.

The Fall of the Iron Lords

At an unknown time after the Battle of Six Fronts the Iron Lords vanished. What happened to them was only known by two surviving Iron Lords out of a hundred Lords. This was until the cause of their dissappearance threatened the City. Among Golden Age tech there was one that stood out to the Iron Lords. This technology was SIVA, a nanotechnology that was built at Clovis Bray that could be used to repair and construct any needed materials to create colonies in the outer planets of our solar system. The technology was buried with the Collapse. The Iron Lords believed if they could find it they could bring a second Golden Age to Earth and help build humanity back to its peak. 

The Iron Lords discovered the location of the buried SIVA chamber, deep underground and connected to a bunker of the silent Warmind, Rasputin. They entered the Vault to find this treasure but made a vital mistake. Lord Felwinter believed he could wake Rasputin and speak with him, hoping that his Exo frame would offer a peaceful beacon to the Warmind. Rasputin awoke from his sleep after the Darkness had broken humanity and he found beings with unknown powers in his vault. He lashed out and sent frames to push back the Iron Lords. Most died before they could even reach the chamber that held SIVA. Some Lords managed to reach the chamber but Rasputin changed tactics. He awakened the silent SIVA and used it to defeat the Iron Lords. Jolder sealed off the chamber and set off an explosion in hopes of destroying SIVA. Saladin was locked on the other side of the door where he watched his friends be sealed to their doom. Saladin and Efrideet were the only surviving Iron Lords.  ​​​

The Reef Wars

After their failure at Six Fronts the Eliksni planned another invasion. This time four Houses would come together to confront the City in attempt to take back the Great Machine, the Traveler. These Houses were the House of Devils, House of Kings, House of Winter and House of Wolves. While the first three Houses were close or on Earth, the House of Wolves were beyond the Asteroid Belt and would take time to join the others. These four Houses had the power to wipe out the City and take back the Traveler.

The House of Wolves never made it to Earth. The Wolves stopped in the Asteroid Belt to re-group and rest. Among the Asteroids was the Reef, the silent colony of Awoken. Queen Mara Sov reigned over the Awoken and kept the Reef hidden from everyone. When the Wolves stopped in the belt however the Queen knew of their plans. She had a decision to make, reveal herself in hopes of defeating the Wolves or remain hidden but let the City die. Her choice was barely a thought.

The fleet of the Wolves rested over Ceres, a massive Asteroid. There the Queen attacked at what was known to the Eliksni as the Scatter. She lead her fleet out towards the Wolves and they turned to meet her. The Kell of the Wolves considered the Reef fleet weak and mocked the Queen. She responded with her own threats and when the Kell challenged her she brought forward Harbingers, great beings of power, and broke the Wolves. Their Kell, Virixas was killed and the Wolves were scattered. 

After the death of Virixas three commanders fell to civil war, each desiring the seat of Kell of Wolves. Irxis, Parixas, and Skolas all struggled against each other and the Reef. This civil war aided the Reef in this war. Each commander dashed to gain power and numbers. Irxis started with more power and was able to deal extensive damage to her rivals early on.

Eos Clash dealt a great blow to Irxis and Skolas as their forces fought. Irxis was left dead and both fleets were nearly destroyed. The Reef was able to capture Orbiks-11, a Servitor of Wolves. The next battle at Amethyst dealt a blow to the Reef and saw the death of Pinar Venj, a Coven Leader. A Reef Paladin, Abra Zire, chased those who attacked the station. The Silent Fang led by Drevis had fled and hid in the shine of Iris, trying to catch Zire off guard. Zire out matched the hidden forces but instead of the expected Drevis he found Parixas at his feet. The Silent Fang had used Iris to vanish as Zire and Parixas had arrived.

With defeats at Amethyst, Hygiea and Iris the Reef finally turned the tide momentarily with Prince Uldren's forces, the Crows. They had cracked the Wolves encryption and found the Wolves had miscalculated the movement of the asteroid Bamberga. Paladin Imogen Rife chased Drevis directly into Bamberga's trajectory where their ketch was destroyed and Drevis and her high servitor were captured. This was the first real victory for the Reef after the Scatter.

That victory did not last long. On his way home Rife was attacked at Pallas. Skolas had amassed the largest fleet since the Scatter and the Queen was unable to use her Harbingers for fear of hurting her own people. The Siege was long but for the first stretch there was no fighting, just waiting. Under Skolas Pirsis started the siege. Pirsis held back from destroying Pallas in hopes of retrieving Drevis and the Kaliks-14. Both Pirsis and Rife knew Pirsis had the power to wipe out the asteroid. The Queen sent Paladins Zire and Rior into the Hildian Asteroids in hopes of finding Skolas but they were thwarted by Skolas and his tactician Beltrik. The waiting above Pallas ended with Weksis launched an unsanctioned assault and failed, resulting in their capture. 

Pirsis then launched an attack to rescue Drevis and the Kaliks-4, their Servitor. Kaliks was freed but Pirsis refused to leave without getting Drevis. Rife killed Kaliks but was then killed by Pirsis. Hallam Fen, Rifes protege, managed to communicate with the rest of the Reef and created a show that made it appear that the Queen was launching her Harbingers. The Wolves scattered in fear and Commander Fen, Paladin Leona Bryl and Paladin Kamala Rior captured Pirsis and drove the fleet off. Fen finally brought Drevis to the home base, Vesta, long after Rife had planned to. In reward the Queen promoted Fen with Rifes place among the Seven Paladins. 

Beltrik left the Hildians and massed his fleet to replenish Ether stores from organic compounds on the surface of Fortuna. Belrik sent one ship at a time and left the rest in a defensive line, expecting Paladin Zire to attack. Zire split her fleet and sent one half to attack Beltrik, tricking him into believing it was the entire fleet. The second half was deployed with a new weapon, Carybdis, that could manipulate gravity enough to knock asteroids out of their path. The Fleet took Tinette and collided it with Fortuna, severely damaging Beltrik's fleet and leading to the capture of Beltrik. The battle became known as Fortuna Plummet. 

After Fortuna Plummet one of Prince Uldren's Crows relayed a message from an Eliksni, by the name of Variks, of House Judgment. Skolas led an all-out assault on the military fortress of Cybele but the Queen already knew of his plans. Variks had relayed his plans to the Reef. As soon as Skolas arrived the four Paladins: Zire, Rior, Bryl and Fen caught him in a trap. Kaliks-12 tried to escape but Zire chased it down. Skolas had failed and he, Skriviks, Kaliks-12 and the rest of his leaders were cast in the Queen's prison. The Reef Wars were over. 

Variks of House Judgment declared Mara Sov the new Kell of Wolves and advised the other Eliksni followed suit. The first to pledge allegiance was Saviks, who was honored with serving in the Queens throne room. Many Wolves knelt but some rebelled under Veliniks. Before Veliniks could strike Petra Veng hunted down and captured Veliniks. 

Battle of Twilight Gap

Though the House of Wolves was stopped the other Houses continued with their attack. The House of Devils, House of Kings, and House of Winter attacked the City. They pushed the perimeter of the City and attacked the its defenses with their own artillery. Soon they attacked the artillery site Twilight Gap. It quickly became overrun with Eliksni and many Guardians were lost. The Guardians retreated but as the tide turned in their favor Lord Shaxx launched an offensive attack against the Eliksni, against the commands of others. He broke their advance and helped end the Battle and push the Eliksni into retreat.

After the Battle of Twilight Gap a titan known as Saint-14 attacked the House of Devils and fought until he reached the Kell of Devils. Once he found him Saint-14 broke in the skull of the Kell with his own helm and ended the 100 year struggle with the Devils. He was then sent to find the banished Warlock, Osiris.

The War Against the Hive

The Eliksni had been pushed back but they were not the only enemy of the City. The next force encountered was the Hive, an ancient species that was hungered for war. The Hive had dug thousands of miles of tunnels on the Moon and created fortresses, shrines and chambers of Darkness beneath the silent surface. A Hive Demi-God, Crota, had found his way to the Moon. 

The events of the Guardians against Hive in the beginning are not explained thorougly. Several battles were fought with the Hive, one of them being Burning Lake. The battle was barely won by the Guardians due to the overwhelming power of Hive swords. Against Shaxx's extremely vocal pleas and the warnings of Toland the City decided it was time to launch a full scale invasion on the Moon. Thousands of Guardians would attack the Hive fortresses in hopes of ending them for good.

The battle at Mare Imbrium became a massacre. Thousands of Guardians died to the Hive swords and the invincible Crota. Their light was stripped from them and their ghosts faded. Eriana-3, a Warlock, captured a Hive Wizard and pulled information from it. She learned that Crota had hid his soul in plane of existence away from our own and could not be killed here. She escaped to make it back to the City.

Back in the City Eriana-3 teamed up with Eris Morn in an effort to kill Crota. They met with Toland, the Shattered, who was an exiled master of Hive arcana. Toland told them Crota could only be defeated on his plane of existence.  Together, Eriana-3, Eris Morn, Toland, Vell Tarlowe, Omar Agag and Sai Mota left on a secret mission to the depths of the Hive fortress on the Moon. Toland lead the journey into the Hive Fortress. The whole team was believed to be dead when they didn't return to the City. The Darkness had taken them. 

All but two. Eris Morn managed to survive in the tunnels of the Moon for years. She learned their ways and watched them. She lived in the shadows until she could find a way back to Earth. Toland met Ir Yut, who sang a song of death to him. In his death he became something else and he survived, in some form.