Collection of Destiny Lore and Sources

Scholars and Sources

The Scholars and Sources holds links to external sites that contain content created by members of the Lore Community. Each podcast and YouTube creator will have an icon next to their name. This icon will take you straight to their content page. These icons will appear throughout the records and will link you straight to a podcast episode or video about the specific topic. There will also be a grimoire card icon next to each topic that will link you to supporting grimoire cards.

Scholars and Sources includes podcasts, YouTube videos, streamers, lore experts, audio files, and sites.  If you are looking to find content created around Destiny Lore, this is the place to start.

​If you know a website, podcast or video series that discusses the lore of Destiny please send a message with a link to their creation. Everyone has the chance of earning a place in the Archive.


Myelin Games

My Name if Byf

Sir Wallen



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Myelin games

Focused Fire Chat

My Name is Byf

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