Collection of Destiny Lore and Sources

Story of Destiny

The Story of Destiny follows your Guardian after you awake. This is where you can learn more about what you accomplished as a Guardian. From your rising and through each great battle you face.

Initial Release

This is the beginning of Destiny. The Ghosts have searched and found Guardians to protect the Last City on Earth. One ghost has searched the solar system for hundreds of years. It finally found someone worthy to wield the light, you. 

Story of Earth

After you are risen from the dead your ghost rushes you inside the massive wall of an old Russian Cosmodrome. The Cosmodrome was a launch site of space shuttles that traveled to the other colonies in the solar system. During the Collapse humanity rushed to the ships in hopes of escaping the Darkness. Once inside the dark walls your ghost heads out in hopes of turning on the lights. The lights turn on and you are given a glimpse of the Eliksni, also known as Fallen, that swarm the Cosmodrome. You fight your way through the wall and head out into the Cosmodrome. There a House of Devils Ketch appears and drops off smaller troop transport ships, skiffs, to provide ground support. You rush through the Devils forces and into a nearby facility known as Dock 13. Inside you fight off another wave of Devils to obtain an Arcadia Class Jumpship that can take you back to the City.

Once you reach the city you meet with the Tower Allies and are informed of your role as a Guardian. You speak to the Speaker first, who tells you that the Guardians stand to protect the last of humanity and the silent light that hangs above the Last City. You then Speak with the Vanguard Leaders to receive your new mission. 

You head back to the Old Cosmodrome to find a drive for you ship that will allow you to jump to other planets. To start your research, you scan a fallen Jumpship in hopes of finding it's drive. You find it empty but there is a transmission of what happened to the Drive, it appears to have been stolen by the Devils. You then head into a near by bunker to find a map of the Comsodrome. The map helps you find where the drive could be. You head back into Dock 13 and confront Riksis, Devils Archon Priest, and claim the drive from the now dead Priest.

Before you head off to other worlds there is more to be done in the Cosmodrome. Strange signals have showed up in the Forgotten Shore. You head there to find to Eliksni signal amplifiers playing the same message, both coming from the Terrestrial Complex of Skywatch, a Golden Age communications facility. You head inside and find the Devils are trying to hack through a Firewall of the old Warmind, Rasputin. After you defeat the Devils you destroy their equipment and help protect the Warmind of Earth. After that the Vanguard send you search the Lunar Complex of Skywatch. Something has started to stir there and the Vanguard need to know what it is. When you unlock the complex you find an old enemy has been waiting, the Hive. You push your way through the Hive and take out a leading Wizard and suppress their forces for now.  The Vanguard call once again and tell you a Guardian team went dark in the heart of Skywatch. There ghosts carried codes to an ancient array that could connect the tower with stations around the solar system. You find their ghosts and recover the codes. Once you activate the array the Hive swarm the area. After you push back the Hive the array is yours, at least momentarily. Rasputin takes control of the Array and uses it to connect himself to the rest of the solar system. 

Your Last mission of Earth is to take out the Machine God of the Devils, their Prime Servitor Sepiks. You fight your way into a Golden Age refinery that mixed fuel for star ships. From here your ghost hacks the Devil security while you fight of ground forces. After you break through their security you fight off more forces in the Blast, a location where the star ship fuel exploded mid trip and stranded a star ship. The last area is the deepest chamber of the Devils base and where Sepiks Prime resides. You and your fireteam enter the chamber and put an end to the last leader of the Devils.  ​​

Story of the Moon

The Moon has been off limits since the massacre of Mare Imbrium. The City hoped if they left the Moon to the Hive they would stay there. The Speaker has lifted the restriction. You head off in hopes of tracking the trail of a Guardian who went dark after investigating the Hive fortress. Your ghost speaks of how the Moon has always been active, but it has been fuzzy like it was hidden or buried. You then investigate some old equipment that the lost Guardian had used. It points you to an old colony in the Anchor of Light. The Guardian set up camp here but left to find a place known as the Temple of Crota. When you find the Temple you also find the Guardians dead body, without a ghost. Hive rush out and you fight them back. You push your way into the Temple and recover the Guardians dead Ghost, which holds information on the Hive and their fortresses. 

The dead Ghost had filed on the Hive and helps locate several important targets. One of those Targets is the World's Grave, a massive library of Hive information kept beneath the surface of the Moon. You voyage into the Hive structures to find the key to the grave. It lies with a Hive Knight in the Circle of Bones. Once you take the key from the Knight you travel deeper into the Hive Fortress and find the Worlds Grave. The Library tells the story of the worlds the Hive have taken and that the Hive have been waiting on earth for centuries, waiting for their God to return.

A power source of the Hive still rests on the Moon. The great Sword of Crota, which was used to slaughter thousands of Guardians at Mare Imbrium. Crota has returned to rest but his sword did not go with it. It is now protected by the Swarm Princes. To destroy the Sword you must dive into the Hive Fortress and destroy all the Swarm Princes. You slay Banuk, Ur Prince. Then you enter the gatehouse and wield the Sword of Crota to draw out destroy the other Princes. One by one you kill Garok, Xol Prince, Dakoor, Yul Prince and Merok, Eir Prince. The Sword fades from your hands as the life fades from the last Prince.

Another mission arises. There is a shine deep in the Moon, a shrine that the banished Warlock Osiris spoke about, the Shrine of Oryx. On your path into the depths of the Hive Fortress you find the Eliksni House of Exile. They are attacking the Hive and you seize the opportunity to take out one of their Barons, a high ranking Eliksni. Then you continue until you find the Shrine of Oryx. you fight off Hive and Sardok, Eye of oryx. One he is dead the Shrine is weakened enough for you to destroy it and cut out its communication to Oryx, out beyond our solar system.

The Speaker calls out for Aid, and you answer. A ritual has started in one of the darkest chambers of the Hive Fortress. The ritual is draining the Traveler of its light. Before you head down into the Fortress a stranger calls out to you. She tells you if you survive this mission to meet her on Venus. She cuts out and your Ghost receives coordinates on Venus. You continue down into the tunnels and find the ritual. You defeat those who are draining the light and you free a shard of the Traveler from the Hive chambers.

Your Last mission on the Moon is to destroy and evil abomination that the Hive have created. A terrible Ogre is chained deep in the caverns of the Hive Fortress. You enter the Hellmouth and with your fireteam brake the locks on a Hive gate. Once you are through you fight your way into the chamber of the abomination. There you strike down the Ogre and make sure it cannot be used to aid the Hive. 

Story of Venus

After you finish your work on the Moon you head to Venus to meet with the stranger who called on you ealier. You and just outside the Ishtar Academy, a Golden Age facility dedicated to knowledge and understanding. Several Guardians had set up outposts along the Shattered Coast, just outside the Academy. While inspecting them you learn about a machine race that appears to inhabit this area, the Vex. You fight off small groupings of House of Winter Eliksni while activating an old sensor grid that could track the Vex. Now you head into the Academy to meet the stranger. Once inside you find a construct of the Vex, a conflux of non-baryonic streams. This is a meeting point of data constructed out matter that does not follow the functions and base of all the normal matter around us. 

The Vex appear while you are investigating and you are forced to drive them back. Once you defeat the Vex the stranger arrives. An Exo appears and begins telling you about the Vex. They are an evil so dark that it despises other evil. She speaks of how she was not forged in light but she believes the Guardians need her help. She offers a single piece of advice. Find the Black Garden, Rip out its heart. Only then will the Traveler begin to heal. Just as she arrived she fizzles into thin air leaving you and your ghost alone. 

To find the Black Garden you will need more help. The Awoken are the best chance at finding the Garden and you must head into their territory, the Reef. You fly through the debris of Asteroids and human ships that fled during the collapse. You are caught by surprise by two Awoken ships who escort you into the Reef and to the Queen who rules over it, Mara Sov. Once inside her throne room you are confronted by Uldren, the Queens brother. He questions your motives but before the conversation draws out two Eliksni House of Wolves step out. You jump to shoot one of them but are stopped by the Awoken Guards. The Queen then comes from around her throne and takes her seat. She remarks that the Wolves belong to her. She then tells us what we need to enter the Black Garden, the Eye of a Gatelord.

To find the Eye of a Gatelord you must learn more about the Vex. The Ishtar Collective had a station built to study the Vex near the Endless Steps, Campus 9. Before you head there, you obtain the mind core from a Vex Cyclops. You then head to Campus 9 and clear out the Winter Eliksni that have been scavenging there. Once they are clear your ghost begins working on the computers. Once he gets into the system the Vex start appearing. You fight off the Vex while your Ghost pulls out information. He discovers that the Vex share one mind across thousands of units and they can warp across a solar system in an instant. You also learn that the Vex work as part of a massive network and to find a Gatelord you will need to break into their system. 

You head to the Citadel, the base of a massive Vex structure that predates humanity by several billion years. The Vex course through these structures, like data through a massive computer. You find a construct like the one in the Academy and break into it. To draw out the Gatelord your ghost messes with their transfer gates. You head back to Campus 9 and work your way through the Endless Steps, fighting off vex along the way. Once you reach the end you stand before a massive Vex gate. To activate the gate you must stand on a Vex pad. Then a Vex Gatelord steps through. You defeat the Gatelord and steal its head.

You take the head back to the Queen where her brother tears it out of the Gatelord's head. He informs you that the eye is dead and is useless. The Queen however gifts it to you and states she believes you will be resourceful enough to use it. They tell you the Black Garden is on Mars, Meridian Bay. 

While on Venus you also carry out several other missions. The first is to find and restore the Ishtar Archives before the Winter Eliksni can get into it. You head deep into the Ishtar Academy and find the door at the Hall of Whispers. Eliksni are already flooding the place. You fight through them before you unlock the door to the Archive. You head down inside and find the Archive still in one piece and with backup power still running. Your ghost starts reading into the Archive when the Eliksni attack. Servitors begin feeding off the power which drains the Archives abilities. You destroy the servitors and allow your ghost to bring the systems back into working order. The Archives list information on Pathways to other galaxies, mappings of a Vex underworld called the Vault of Glass. 

On the other side of the Ishtar Sink is the base of the House of Winter. Their Kell has caused many issues for the City and this is your chance to take him down. You fight your way through the Ember Caves and onto the Kells Ketch that is docked outside the back of the caves. You enter his throne room and strike him down. 

Your last mission on Venus to prevent an Archon priest from rising in the House of Winter. The Winter Eliksni have captured a pod from the Reefs Prison of Elders that contains an Archon Priest. They hope to release him to bring power to the House. You and your fireteam fight your way through the Ember Caves and travel deep into the stronghold, beyond the Ketch. You reach the pod just as the Archon is being released. You defeat Aksor, the Archon Priest before he can join the House of Winter. 

Story of Mars

After leaving the Reef you head for Mars. There you land just outside the city of Freehold in Meridian Bay. The Cabal are massive 500 pound beats of war. They wear heavily armored suits and carry brutal weapons. The group on Mars is a scouting party that is part of a much bigger Empire beyond our solar system. You head for the nearest Cabal station and hack in. Once there your ghost starts looking for anything on the Black Garden and finds another Cabal outpost that holds information on it. While digging through files however the Cabal were alerted to your position and sent troops to kill you. You fight off the attack and then head off to the Valley of the Kings. When you find the outpost is has information about the Gate to the Black Garden that sits across the Valley of the Kings. You also find a spire that can charge the eye of the Gatelord.

You head behind the Cabal lines of Defense. No other Guardian has made it past the Blind Legion perimeter until now. You head into the war base and find an information hub within the warbase. The hub gives you the exact location of the spire. You fight your way deep into their war base and find the spire. You ghost begins charging the eye while you fight off the Cabal and Primus Sha'Aull. Once they are defeated the Spire breaks apart and completes charging the eye.

Before entering the Black Garden you complete a few other missions for the City. Your first mission takes you into Clovis Bray, a Golden Age top of the line facility for science. Clovis Bray is well known for building the Exos, Interplanetary Defense, Research on the Traveler and much more. You fight your way through both Vex and Cabal to reach the top of Clovis Bray. There you find an AI mind that was once connected to the Warmind of Mars. Before you can look into though Rasputin takes control of it. 

Another pressing concern arises. The Vex are pushing to protect the surface around the Black Garden. You head off to find the source of the Vex and to stop more from arriving. You start by scanning a conflux that points to a bigger source beneath Freehold. You head down into the Tunnels beneath Freehold that houses the M-line Transit system. A Cyclops is defending the entrance to Tharsis Junction and you must remove it from the path. Once it's defeated you push forward to find the Vex have transfer gates through the tunnels. You destroy all the gates and the Vex around them. A conflux still stands and your ghost looks into it. It shows that the Vex aren't invaded Mars but that something is calling them to the Black Garden. 

The Vanguard have called upon you to head back to Clovs Bray and stop Psion Flayers from hacking into the AI core. Psions are a smaller race used by the Cabal. They are highly intelligent and even have telepathic abilities. You and your Fireteam head back into Clovis Bray and fight your way to the top once more. You draw out the Psions and defeat them before they can hack into the AI core.

Zavala then calls upon you for one more mission, to take down the Leadership of the Siege Dancers legion of the Cabal, who control Meridian Bay. You and your Fireteam fight into the Cabal Warbase and ambush four Lieutenants: Val Bour'urc, Val Zu-Aurc, Val Ma'aurg and Val Ca'aul. Once they are dead all that is left is to enter the Imperial Land Tank and defeat Valus Ta'aurc. 

The time for your last great battle on Mars has come. You take the charged Eye and head for the Black Gardens Gate. You defeat the Vex that stand guard and you enter the Garden. Your locations within the Garden does not show up on any known map of space. You head into the Vex structures and find the Vex here seem to be in a stasis mode. It doesn't take long for them to wake up though. You fight your way through the Garden, defeating hordes of Vex along the way. You reach the Door to the Black Gardens Heart. Without any clues of how to enter you scan two clusters of Vex networking. Once you scan one a spire begins to form and the other cluster finishes it. You stand before the door and offer the Eye. It directs a data stream into specific locations on the door and acts as a key to open it. Once opened you step inside to see the Heart of the Garden. A mass of dark metallic fluid floats above three massive Vex statues. The Vex here wake and attack you. Once you defeat them the heart wakens the statues. You defeat the statues and drain the heart of its power, destroying it. The Black Garden is then tied to Mars and the darkness lifts. The Speaker calls you home.

"For Centuries we feared the forces of Darkness massing against us. We sought to hide and cower beneath a broken God. No more. These Guardians show us what we are, what we have always been and what we will be again. We are what remains of the Light... and we will not be stamped out." - The Speaker.

The Exo Stranger waits in the Tower Hanger for you. She offers one more piece of advice, this is just the beginning of a greater war. She hands you her rifle and fizzles out once more. 

The last act of the Initial Release is to strike at the Vex once again, in the Vault of Glass. The Vault of Glass is a Vex bubble that is disconnected from our reality. It is a place where all timelines converge, where the Vex can study all of time. A fireteam once entered the Vault but only one continued to exist after. The three known members who entered the Vault were Kabr, Praedyth and Pahanin. Pahanin was the only one to return. The other two were trapped in the Vault and erased from existence by the Vex. 

Inside the Vault the Vex control everything, they decide what can and cannot exist. After the fall of fireteam that entered the Vault Kabr created a device that would break the Vex's control in the Vault. He drank of the Vex mind fluid to learn more about the Vex. He then took a Harpy and forged his own light into it and beat it down to become a shield. When you and your fireteam enter the Vault, it is that shield that protects you. It is that shield, the Aegis, that lets you defy the Vex and create your own Fate. 

Your team opened the Vault and entered. You fought back the Oracles that are believed to be Vex super computers that decide what can fit in the Vex reality. What cannot fit gets removed. Then you defeat the Templar, who is believed to control the flow of time into the Vault. Through your fight with the Templar the Aegis of Kabr appears, allowing you to break the Templars will to remove what cannot fit. You then sneak through the Gorgons Maze. If they find you they will gaze upon you and decide if you should exist at all. Then you travel across a great chasm by jumping across platforms that fade between timelines. 

The Vault of Glass stands before you. You step inside and defeat the Gatekeeper, allowing you to jump into the past and future of the Vault to collect relics and bring forward the will of the Vault. Finally, you face Atheon, the master of the Vault. He throws you across time but the Aegis appears to you and prevents Oracles from erasing you. You fight your way back into the current time and you use the Aegis to protect your fireteam from the wrath of Atheon. When you strike the final blow, you free the Vault of Glass and wound the Vex deeply. 

The Dark Below

The Tower has seen the return of an ally believed to be long dead, Eris Morn. Eris was part of the original fireteam that entered the Hive Fortress on the Moon looking for a way to defeat them. She is the only member of her team to survive and return to the Tower. She now calls upon you for aid. A great enemy is soon to return unless you stop it, the same enemy that slaughtered thousands of Guardians at Mare Imbrium, Crota. 

The Fist of Crota is leading the Hive invasion on Earth. You are sent to strike him down and prevent his attack. After you defat the Fist you are sent to stop the Hive from taking over Rasputin. You head down into the Seraphim Vault to find the Hive have already gained entry. You fight your way through thrall to reach the control panels of Rasputin's AI core. They shut down as you reach them and the horrible screech of Omnigul, Will of Crota rings out. She vanishes but Hive flood the room. You fight them off and protect Rasputin. 

Around the Cosmodrome are parts of the Hive army. The Hand of Crota, the Eyes of Crota and the Heart of Crota. You track them down and silence them before they can deal any damage. 

After preventing the Hive forces from attacking on Earth you head to the Moon to stop the wakening of Crota. You head into the darkest chambers of the Hive Fortress and find Four Wakers around a summoning crystal that will allow Crota to return to this realm. You defat the Wakers and shatter the Crystal. 

The next step is to track down and defeat the last general, Omnigul, Will of Crota. As long as she lives the threat of Crota's return will always be present. She has started spawning a new Hive army under Skywatch. You fight your way through to Skywatch and find her in the Jovian Complex. You silence her screams and put to rest the fears of Crota returning. 

You journey is not over yet. Though Crota cannot return he is still a threat. Eris tells her how you can enter Crota's Throne World, a reality that holds his soul, and defeat him for good. You gather a fireteam and head back to the Moon. There you walk across a bridge into the Hellmouth and take a leap of faith. The Darkness envelopes you completely. You land in the Abyss, a place of Darkness and Hive. You race through the Abyss, taking shelter from the Darkness with Lamps while you fight off the Hive. When you reach the end, you build a bridge that connects to the door into Crota's throne world. 

Once you enter his throne world you tasked with crossing a chasm. To do this you need to build a bridge while also preventing the Annihilator totems from destroying you. The totems are of natural law and the Hive used them to defeat many enemies. You can prevent them from gaining enough power to do so however. You defeat a Sword bearer and wield its mighty sword. You use it to defeat the gatekeeper on the other side of the Chasm. Then your team move through to the court of Crota. Here you must destroy Ir Yut, the Death Singer. She has learned the song of Death and if she finishes her liturgy she will use it to kill you and your team. 

Once you defeat her you face Crota. You once again wield a Hive sword and you strike at the soul of Crota. You also push back his Oversoul, a power built to protect his true soul. You destroy Crota once and for all, ridding the universe of his terror. 

House of Wolves

Before you were risen there had been many battle and many years of wars. The Eliksni came during the collapse and never stopped attacking humanity. During the time for you there were two great battles between the City and the Eliksni. The Battle of Six Fronts and the Battle of Twilight Gap. Three Houses of Eliksni came together to attack the City during the Battle of Twilight Gap. The House of Devils, the House of Kings and the House of Winter. The City managed to defeat all three houses. However, there was one house that never made, a house that would have turned the tide for the Eliksni, the House of the Wolves. 

When the House of Wolves came to aid the other Houses, they stopped in the Reef and there the Queen ambushed them to save the City. The Reef and the Wolves waged war for years but in the end the Queen won and most of the Wolves pledged allegiance to the Queen. After the events of the Dark Below Prince Uldren sent his spies, the Crows, into the territory of the Nine. The Nine are something we know very little about but it is suggested they have great power and knowledge. The Nine found out about Uldren's Crows and the Queen sent them Skolas to pay for the crimes of Uldren. Skolas was the last leader of the Wolves before Mara Sov. He was known for being brutal and ruthless, even for the Eliksni. The Nine freed Skolas for unknown reasons. He returned to the Reef and called his House to action. He claimed he was the Kell of Kells, the one who would set the Eliksni free and bring them back to Glory. The Wolves killed many Awoken and fled the Reef, all but one, Variks, the Loyal. 

The Queen calls out to you once more for aid. She offers Adventure and treasure for your help. You enter the Vestian Outpost and meet with Petra Venj and Variks. Both guide you along your path to stop Skolas. This path starts by tracking down Skolas as he attempts to rally the House of Winter to his side. You land deep within the House of Winters territory and push your way up. Skolas has already reached them and speaking to all of them. You chase him off and defeat the Wolves and Winter there. He escapes and sends more troops to kill you. 

His next target is the House of Devils. Skolas sends the Silent Fang, elite stealth warriors, to them. You fight your way through the Devils territory and fight of the Silent Fang, stopping them from taking the Devils.  They then make a move for the Kings. You charge into the Kings outer territory and take out Servitors that are jamming your signals. Variks can only hope that the Kings will see the Wolves coming and have time to fight back. You reach the heart of King's Watch and find leading members of both Wolves and Devils meeting around an image of the Traveler. You defeat their leaders and put an end to the Wolves gaining any assistance.

Those failures only push Skolas further though. His next plan is to attack the Vault of Glass. You chase after him and find he has gotten inside the Vault and is deep inside at the Templars Well. The Wolves try to contain and study Oracles but you destroy the Oracles before they can do anything. You fight off a massive wave of Wolves before leaving the Vault. 

Petra then calls on you once again to tell you that Skolas was spotted at the top of the Vex Citadel. They want you to reach the top and pin down Skolas so the Reef can capture him and put him back in the Prison of Elders. You reach the top of the Citadel and travel the great gaps using Vex platforms that fade in and out of timelines. Once you reach the other side Wolves start appearing. Skolas has used Vex technology to pull the Entire House of Wolves through time. You defeat the Wolves and take down Skolas, allowing Petra to capture him. 

Mara Sov invites you back to the Reef. She offers you a deal, if you enter the Prison of Elders and defeat high ranking members she will give you rewards. The Queen hopes to study Guardians, gain their trust and rid the Prison of some of the most dangerous criminals in the solar system. Among those enemies is Skolas. You enter the Prison once more and put a true end to Skolas. 

In the Reef, another figure calls to you, Brother Vance. Brother Vance is loyal to the banished Guardian Osiris. He offers you a trial to prove yourself and rewards if you do. You are pitted against other Guardians to prove you are the strongest and prove yourself worthy of Osiris. If you prove yourself you will be granted weapons and armor. For those who go above and beyond they will be rewarded with access to the Lighthouse, an outpost of Osiris where they will be gifted with more gear.

The Taken King

A new enemy has arrived in our solar system, Oryx, the Taken King. He is the father of Crota and the Hive God that even the Vex fear. The story of Oryx is long and filled with death and darkness. He began as Aurash, Princess to the Proto-Hive King on Fundament. Through the power of the Worm Gods, who communed with the Darkness, he became Oryx, the Hive King. he learned Sword Logic from the Worms, that which defined if you killed something you are stronger and there for become stronger. Through his might, he hid his soul in a reality of his own creation, allowing any death in our reality to not be his last. He took from the Worm Akka the power of shapes, allowing him to take beings of this reality and twist them to fit to his desire. His son let the Vex into our reality and Oryx pushed them back, throwing Crota into their reality as punishment. Crota became a feared warrior and was ended in our solar system. Oryx chased after the Traveler and waged war on everything. When he knew his son was truly dead he came to vanquish the one who killed him, You. 

His fleet arrived in our solar system and waited among the rings of Saturn. The Queen of the Reef, Mara Sov, lead her fleet out to greet him. She pushed the attack and sent her Harbingers, things of great beauty and power, to plant themselves in the Dreadnaught. Their approach caused Oryx to reveal one of his greatest weapons. The weapon wiped out his entire fleet as well as the Awoken fleet. It pushed the asteroids back and created a hole in the rings of Saturn. This left his ship alone, visible, and its power well known to the City. The Queens forces were shattered, Prince Uldren crashed on Mars and Mara vanished. Petra Venj took over as acting Queen and Variks took control of the Crows of the Reef. 

Oryx then pushed to attack the Cabal, a deadly and stubborn force to deal with. The city received news that a distress beacon had been activated on phobos where the Cabal fleet base stood. You are given orders to investigate. When you land you find the Cabal bleeding and broken. They are running for their lives and the base is torn apart. You head inside the base and find unknown anomalies everywhere. You reach a command center and a shadow rises. It bears the image of Oryx, threatening that he will devour your light for what you have done to Crota. His Taken minions attack, aliens that you have fought before except now that have been twisted by Oryx and given a new will. Zavala orders you to abandon the mission and get out. You fight your way through to your ship and escape. 

An Echo of Oryx appears to his new troops on Phobos, preparing for the war to come. Back at the City the Vanguard discuss what their next step is. Before their discussion ends Cayde-6 leaves to call upon us. Cayde wants to get us on the Dreadnaught and he knows how to do it. At the top of one of the Colony ships in the Cosmodrome there is technology that can hide a space ship. Cayde hopes it will be enough to get you on the Dreadnaught. You land in the Cosmodrome to find it already flooded with Taken Enemies. You race to the top of the Colony ship to find the tech before the Taken tear the ship apart. At the top, you face an Echo of Oryx and it's Taken minions. Once defeated you uncover the stealth technology and return it to Cayde-6.

He welds it to Eris Morns ship, which is more Hive then ship. He then sends you to the Dreadnaught and hopes you can make it. Just off the side of the ship your cloaking fails and Oryx begins to start his super weapon. Eris's ship is destroyed but you manage to make it onto the Dreadnaught. From there you head inside to find the power source of the weapon. You find three cores that are powering the weapon and you destroy them one by one. Once that is complete you head off to find a place to plant a transmat beacon, which will allow you to teleport between your ship and the Dreadnaught. There is a location where the Cabal have crashed a massive ship into the hull and have set up a beach head. You plant the beacon and Cayde-6 calls in Zavala to show off his handy work. Zavala is furious but commands you to take out Cabal forces to protect the transmat zone. Once defeated Zavala seems impressed with this unorthodox mission. 

You then head into the Cabal ship, hoping to find intel about the Dreadnaught there. The Cabal have found the location of Oryx but he is hidden behind a Rupture, a hive portal. The Cabal has a team headed to investigate one and you head off to meet them. Once outside you start fighting the Cabal and Hive before you witness Oryx take a Cabal leader. The kill the remaining enemies and investigate the rupture. The Hive use statues to control ruptures and you are tasked with finding a few in the wreckage. While scanning statues the Rupture opens and Hive rush out. You make a run for the Rapture but it throws you backwards. Another Echo of Oryx appears and you defeat it. Eris remarks that the Rupture must only open for Ascendant Hive and that you must become one to enter

You are sent into the deep of the Hellmouth once again, to where you stopped Crota from returning to our reality. If the summoning crystal still holds the essence of Crota it may be enough to let you pass. You fight your way down into the summoning chamber and fight off an Ogre defending the area. Before it is killed Oryx takes it. You then grab a piece of the crystal call back to the Tower. Just as you are about to leave the Hive cut off communications and trap you. Taken flood the hallways and you run in hopes of escaping. Once you are out of the Fortress you can communicate once again. 

Cayde-6 and Eris have a plan, however it will require more technology, technology that you don't have access to. Cayde-6 sends you into Rasputin's Bunker so that you can get into his systems and find the data needed to make a Guardian invisible. You fight your way through Taken and find the data before you get out. The next step takes you back into Crota's Throne world. There his sisters are completing a Death ritual for his soul. When you land you turn invisible and must sneak through the Hive forces. Once you get through Eris directs you to stand directly beneath the remains of Crota and absorb the essence that is coming from him. Your invisibility wears off and the sisters know you are there. You run for it but get trapped. You hold out against the Hive until Eris teleports you away, a trick she learned from Toland's Journal.

Your next mission is to end Oryx, the Taken King. You head back to the Dreadnaught and step up to the Rupture. It allows you passage and you travel to another part of the Dreadnaught. You walk through massive hallways until you reach another Rupture. This one opens and the Taken Ogre and Taken Cabal step out. You defeat both beasts and step through the Rupture. This one takes you to the center of the Dreadnaught, closer to Oryx. You cross a large chasm and step into a pitch-black hallway. A fire lights and burns down the hallway into the door, opening it and revealing Oryx. You fight Oryx until he creates a dome of mist to protect him but you still strike him down. He falls to his knees in defeat, but retreats to his throne world. 

Oryx is gone but his army still spreads chaos across the solar system and the Cabal still cause issues on the Dreadnaught. You head into the Cabal ship to investigate a signal that is being broadcast from the ship to somewhere far outside the solar system. You fight your way through the Cabal ship and into the command room. There you shut down the signal and find that the Cabal were sending an encrypted distress signal straight to the head of the Cabal Empire. 

Even with Oryx dead the Taken still cause chaos across the system. His echoes still command them across several planets. You are the front line in the war against them. You fight across Earth, Venus and Mars to defeat Taken Champions and end the Taken invasion. On Venus, the Taken have taken of the Citadel and are trying to take the Vault of Glass. They use the voice of Praedyth, a member of the first Vault of Glass team, to get you to come inside. Once inside you realize the Vex need you help defeating the Taken because it is a power stronger than them and you are the only thing that can defeat it. 

Back on the Dreadnaught you carry out more missions to prevent more trouble. On the Dreadnaught, at the Court of Oryx, a rupture that calls forward powerful Hive enemies. You call them out and defeat each one that accepts the challenge, assuring those with power will never rise higher with it. Within the ship is also many prison cells with unknown numbers of prisoners. One prisoner however could be a threat. Al-akul once lead a rebellion against Oryx and now that Oryx is dead Al-akul might be the perfect replacement for the Hive. You work your way down to the prison cells and end him. 

With their signal down the Cabal have resorted to the extreme, blowing up the core of the Dreadnaught. This explosion would take out the whole solar system. You fight your way through the ship and track down the Cabal brothers in charge of this plan. You find them in the Core with bombs planted and ready to blow. You kill Valus Tlu'urn and Valus Mau'ual and prevent the destruction of our system.

The Taken are the not the only ones causing issues in the system. The House of Wolves has taken up a new home on Mars and is trying to re-build their forces. You cut them off on Mars before that can happen. On Venus, the Vex are attempting to rewrite time itself with the Theosyion, the Restorative Mind. Back on Earth the Eliksni are trying to hack into Rasputin's bunker and gain control. You fight through his bunker and find that they have reached a vital area. A massive shank designed to hack into Rasputin faces you at the end and you must defeat it.

During this time, the Guardians gain new powers. Those who are Hunters followed the trail of Tevis, only to find him dead. His power still lived though and you take it upon yourself and learn the way of the Nightstalker. You reach into the void and unleash the power and very few can. Those who are Titans follows the path of the Sunbreaker, a fierce Titan Order that has been around since before the City. They were removed from the City and their order kept to the wild. You face the forge, to test your soul and prove you are worthy to wield the sun. Those who are Warlocks learned to channel the storm and wield its power. You summon the storm within and if you are strong enough you will direct the arc energy. If you fail you will not return.

After the you have pushed back the Taken you look the track down and find Oryx, you look for the road to King's Fall. You learn that Oryx has built his throne world into his Dreadnaught and you have found the path to him. You gather your fireteam and you stand at his Court. You let him know you are here by activating statues to the rupture. Oryx answers your call and you are permitted through. You then work your way through the ship to face your first trial. Your challenge is given by the Warpriest, Guard to Oryx. Ruins on the door to the Warpriest must be charged and you and your fireteam must deny the Annihilator totems their power. Once you unlock the door you have proved yourself worthy of the Warpriest. There you must deny his power over you and defeat him. A rupture opens behind him, one that should take you to Oryx. Instead you enter the cellars. There you find Golgoroth, who watched over a Tablet of Ruin and the light stores that the Hive feed off of. You defeat Golgoroth and steal the concentrated light. 

Next you climb your way up to the throne room of Oryx. Instead of Oryx you find his daughters. Ir Halak and Ir Anuk. The sing a brand of weaving in an attempt to kill you. You steal their brand of immortality and deny them your death. You defeat both daughters and come to stand before Oryx himself. Here in his throne world he has the power and he has made himself larger to face us. We again steal the brand of immortality to protect ourselves and then we take the blighted power Oryx attempts to use against us. We use its power and turn it back on Oryx, dealing the damage to end him once and for all. Though along our path we have formed a weapon, the Touch of Malice. It contains the heart of Oryx and in doing so allows Oryx to live on in some form. The Taken have been pushed back, the Hive have been beaten and the Taken King is now Dead.  

April Update

After Oryx was killed there was a seat of power that had not been filled. Malok aimed to fill that seat. Variks called upon you to track down Malok and contain him. In the end you killed Malok to prevent him doing any more damage. The Reef began trapping Taken Champions and studying them. They even learned to place the Taken essence on armor and weapons. Variks called us back once more to the Reef to study both us and the Taken in the Prison of Elders.

Rise of Iron

A sudden outbreak has occurred of an unknown virus. This virus is in the form of nanites. It has been spreading from Guardian to Guardian and has five unique forms, each seemingly having the same effect but a different color. These mites fly around Guardians but appear to have no effect on any aspect of the Guardians. The virus spread very quickly and caused concern among certain Vanguard members. The City borders were closed and no one was allowed outside on in. A group known as OWL sector was dedicated to finding the cause and cure for this Transmission. They discovered it originated from Clovis Bray and was a prototype as using nanotechnology to advance humans. The tests in the lab ended with the death of the patients and the project was shut down. OWL sector managed to find a cure for it and within a week of starting the Transmission was done with. The lab it was kept in at Clovis Bray appeared to be broken into, which lead to a greater incident. 

Before the City was the City it was broken into pieces and ruled by Warlords. These Warlords were usually risen, those revived by the Ghosts. At this point they had no purpose and so some took their gift as a sign they deserved power. Others believe their gifts were given to them to protect humanity instead. Those who believed the second though rose against the Warlords and became known as the Iron Lords. They defeated the Warlords and brought peace and unity to the Last City. They then helped build and defend the City. At a point after the Battle of Six Fronts the Iron Lords left for a quest. 

They believed they needed to find something to help better protect the Last City. They found a perfect candidate, SIVA. SIVA was a nanotechnology developed by Clovis Bray. This technology could create a material that would fill any need. If could had a mind of its own and could build colonies by its self. Once it was given a directive it would keep going until it was shut down. SIVA started as technology to help built colonies out in the edges of the solar system. Along its development path it began to be redirected for military use. A chamber was built in the Cosmodrome in Old Russia, near Rasputin's bunker. This chamber would allow for endless replication of SIVA. 

The Iron Lords believed this could bring in a new Golden Age. They believed their quest was just and so they made their path straight for SIVA. They found it was hidden beneath Rasputin's Bunker. So around 100 Iron Lords went after SIVA. The Exo Felwinter believed he could communicate with Rasputin, an Exo would be familiar, to help them find SIVA. Instead he woke Rasputin and Rasputin found himself in the middle of devastation with beings that contained the Travelers light inside his bunker and trying to obtain a Golden Age technology. Rasputin sent frames to defeat the Iron Lords. Then those who made it to inside were attacked by SIVA. 9 Iron Lords made it to the Replication chamber. When all hope seemed lost for obtaining SIVA Lady Jolder closed all but Lord Saladin in the chamber and ignited the place in flame. Lord Saladin returned alone from the attempt to take SIVA. He came to the Tower and began the Iron Banner, a trial to push Guardians and make sure they were ready, that they would be better than the Iron Lords.

After the Transmission incident at Clovis Bray the Tower became aware that the House of Devils had been searching the solar system, looking for something. It appeared they had found it. They found Clovis Bray and shortly after they headed back to the Cosmodrome and put all effort into digging into the bunkers there. Lord Saladin took notice and took lead on the watch over them. He called you to aid him and stop the Devils from attacking an old temple of the Iron Lords. You fight your way up the mountain and push back the Devils. At the top you fight off Sepiks Prime, returned and perfected. You defeat him and Saladin arrives at the Temple. Just then Sepiks rises again and disappears. Saladin calls out to Shiro, one of Caydes' hunters. Shiro reports that the Devils are attacking multiple sections of the sensor grid in the Cosmodrome. Saladin knows that the Devils found SIVA beneath the bunker and tells you to chase after them.

You head down to the Cosmodrome and find it covered in snow and torn apart. the Devil Splicers, groups dedicated to bio-engineering themselves with improvements, have been tearing everything down. You fight your way through the great wall and into the Divide. There you find strange constructs that SIVA has created. They have started growing all over the area. Shiro calls in to tell you the sensor grid has gone down and he needs you to get into a local station to get it back online. The sensor grid is too damaged to restore but your ghost pulls as much data as it can out of it. Devil Splicers attack, these ones have been augmented with SIVA. Saladin calls off the chase on Sepiks, he knows that the Splicers have SIVA and are using it. Saladin sets up a base of command at the Iron Temple.

Saladin believed they stopped anyone from being able to use SIVA when they destroyed the chamber. Now that the Splicers have been doing it he wants to get back down there. Before you can do that, you need to open the plaguelands for reinforcements. Splicers have taken over and re-built an old artillery bunker. As long as the guns are working the City can't help. You head into the Plaguelands and destroy the guns for good. 

With Saladin wondering how the Splicers got their hands of SIVA he calls Tyra Karn, a cryptarch. She tells him that there have been some odd events at Clovis Bray recently. You head there to find out what happened. After reaching the top of Clovis Bray you scan the computers for anything on SIVA. You find there are more extensive data stores further down. You head back down and open an elevator shaft to the data storage. You find dead Devils around the area. Your ghost scans the storage and tells you it's the right place. Saladin hopes that the information you retrieved will be able to identify a weakness in the Splicers hold on SIVA.

The information obtained pointed out a vital flaw in their system. The Splicers fused SIVA into their whole network system. If you can take down the network it should severely damage the Splicers efforts. You head into the Plaguelands and to Golden Age reactor core nearby that the Splicers have been using for power. You switch cells and cause an overload. This brings the SIVA network crashing down. The network has given you a window to head down to the Replication Chamber and end their production of SIVA. You dive deep into the bunkers beneath the surface and find your way down to the chamber. Once inside you find the remains of the Iron Lords hanging above you. You start the self-destruct process. SIVA nanites then consume the dead and re-animate them. You defeat the Iron Lords shell and rush out of the chamber as it explodes. Saladin thanks you for putting them to rest and stopping the production of SIVA. 

Saladin calls you back to the Iron Temple and grants you the honor of becoming an Iron Lord. He offers you a sword that only Iron Lords could wield. He also grants you the name Young Wolf as well as Lord Guardian or Lady Guardian. 

SIVA production has been stopped but the SIVA that remains is still causing issues. SIVA has infected the Splicers and is controlling them more then they control it. It has driven them to endless construction. They consume material and build something else, anything else. 

The Splicers have also started capturing and experimenting on Hive. You track down shipments of Hive and defeat them. You then find products of this experimenting. The Hive have become highly aggressive in attempts to fight back against the Splicers. You take a fireteam and head into old missile silos to hunt down and destroy Kovis, Splicer Priest and his experiment. You find he has removed the eye of an Ogre and fashioned it into a weapon. You defeat both and put an end to the experiments. 

The Splicers also attack the Hive Fortress on the moon, hoping to grab a few more Ogres. You chase after them and prevent them from obtaining more subjects to test on. 

While in the Plaguelands you also enter the Archons Forge and provide offerings to the Splicers to fight. The Forge is a way for Splicers to work their way up the chain. They prove themselves worthy by beating opponents they are promoted. Guardians enter to just kill the Splicers.  You also head back to the Devil's lair to silence Sepiks Prime once again. 

In this time of need you take up a quest to find and build the Gjallarhorn, a product designed to honor all those who fought at Twilight gap. You first look to Bannerfall, where Crux Lomar began designs on the device. You discover the plans but then the Devils attack. You turn on Bannerfall turrets and fight off the Devils. They drop two large explosives on the tower with plans to breach the wall. You diffuse both bombs and then a Devils Captain appears. Iliksis, Light Stalker attacks the tower in full force. You defeat him with the help of tower turrets and city force ships, Hawks. 

The Devils are planning another assault on the tower and are amassing at a stronghold at Skyshock. You head there to stop the Devils assault before it can begin. You start to construct your Gjallarhorn to deal with the assault when the Devils attack. You defend your ghost until the Gjallarhorn is ready. Then you take the rocket launcher and push back the Devils Assault until there is nothing left. 

The time has come to strike at the remaining remnants of SIVA. Those leading the Splicers have hidden themselves deep inside the Cosmodrome wall. You assemble a fireteam to access their stronghold a defeat Vosik, Archpriest and Aksis, Archon Prime and bring down SIVA.

Overtime new threats rose and SIVA gave another attempt at power. Splicers used SIVA to revive Taniks, the Scarred. Omnigul came back from the dead and threatened to usher in a new Hive threat to the City. The Nexus Mind was built again in hopes of the Vex transforming Venus into a great machine of the Vex. The Vanguard sent you to silence each threat before it could rise to power and you defeated each one.

Age of Triumph

You have brought a new age to the City, the Age of Triumph. The Guardians have pushed back the Darkness and proven the City as a strong and united force. The children of the City tell tales of your acts along the other Guardians. Legends of what have been done will be remembered in history. 

The Eliksni houses have retreated. They have burned their banners and emptied their strongholds. The Hive are mere dust now and the Cabal have been beaten back into retreat. The Vex have grown silent as their grip on our system has broken. You have broken Gods and started taking back to the solar system. The Reef and the City have joined an alliance. You have learned of other Guardian communities and other powers.

The City and the Guardians are triumphant and have brought hope back to the last City. The walls stand strong and the Guardians reach out into the world, pushing back the darkness. The power of the city has grown stronger, the light brighter and the might of the City is proven.